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Web Site Speed

How Can You Improve The Speed of Your Ecommerce Store?

For the successful running of an online business, speed is of vital importance. Do you know why? Because it helps you with faster conversions and an improved SEO ranking of your site. Your visitors will discard your site the moment they experience your site is slow. You will lose out your customers to your rivals. All these lead to a potential revenue loss. Research in this field has proved that even a second delay could result in the loss of...
6 Steps of Wordpress Theme

6 Steps to Choose a Fast WordPress Theme

Are you looking forward to improving the speed of your site with a fast WordPress theme? If yes then you are not alone. Numerous businesses attempt to achieve that as this is the way to create success. Without a fast theme, the performance of your site will be seriously affected and this will ultimately create an impact on your business. If you would like to find out if a particular WordPress theme is fast or not, here are a few...
Top Shopify Theme

Porto Theme Achieves #1 on ReferralCandy’s Rankings of Shopify Themes

We’re #1! Porto Theme just got the top ranking of the Best Shopify Themes according to the ReferralCandy blog. ReferralCandy is a powerful Shopify app that allows retailers to setup and run customer referral programs. Their blog, focusing on eCommerce and digital marketing, gets over 100,000 visitors  a month and published a list of the best ecommerce store templates for Shopify merchants. Here’s what they had to say about Porto Theme: “Porto is one of the best Shopify themes, with an amazing user...