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6 Steps to Choose a Fast WordPress Theme

6 Steps of Wordpress Theme

6 Steps to Choose a Fast WordPress Theme

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Are you looking forward to improving the speed of your site with a fast WordPress theme? If yes then you are not alone. Numerous businesses attempt to achieve that as this is the way to create success. Without a fast theme, the performance of your site will be seriously affected and this will ultimately create an impact on your business. If you would like to find out if a particular WordPress theme is fast or not, here are a few checklists.

Know Your Preferences

When you are shopping for a WordPress theme, you should know the things you are looking to accommodate in your site content. If you do not know what you want on your site, you may end up choosing a multipurpose theme. Apart from it, you should know that different plug-ins are there which can be adjusted to improve the loading time of your site.

Do a Speed Test of The Theme You Select

You must speed test the theme on its demo site. You can take help of various such tools like Google Page Speed insights, Pingdom tools, GT Metrix, Web Page Test etc. It is said that the Pingdom ensure much more accuracy than GT Metrix. You will require testing all the pages of your website, not just the homepage. This is especially necessary if you are running a blogging site. Same can be said about the pages of an e-commerce site.

How Much Speed You Should Expect?

There is no hard and fast rule based on which you will measure the speed. Different speed is suggested for different pages on your site. For example, a homepage usually takes 3 seconds to load because it features a lot of sections and images. Additionally, it depends on the location you are testing the demo theme. You should speed test a few themes and compare their loading time, you will be able to decide which one to choose. Do remember that a single product page should have a quick loading time than a homepage. On the other hand, it is natural for a portfolio page to load slowly because it features a lot of images.

The HTTP Requests Factor

The speed is also depending upon the number of times your browser asks the server for access to different type of files. If it asks for more files, it will take a longer time to load the page. Here also there is a definite rule to apply. But as it is seen, a home page loads well with 60 requests.

The page size

If your webpage is small then it does not take long to load. But if you contain more and more information, files and images in it, it will take longer to load. The size of a page is measured in KBs and MBs. According to norms, the maximum fastness a web page shows when it contains less than 1 MB data. If your requirement is more than 2 MB, you should opt for good quality hosting and caching services.


Porto is a fast WordPress business theme in present times. It is the highest selling theme which is wonderful to run your e-commerce business. It guarantees a fast loading of your site and offers great customizing options. It is faster than all other Magento themes. It is highly responsive and a multipurpose theme.

Why it is faster?

  • Porto scores 90 to 100 percent in speed test performed in GT metrics and Google Page Speed Insights while other themes score 80 to 90 percent. You can build a super fast website with Porto.
  • It comes with strong features. Though it features several admin options, the Porto optimizer removes all the options which you are not using when your site is ready to live.
  • It has received positive reviews worldwide when it comes to its speed
  • It works well with low-level servers, unlike other themes.

Since its launch 2015, Porto has been constantly updated for better performance and to help the numerous e-commerce businesses to enjoy super fast activities in their WordPress sites.

Buy Porto the super fast WordPress theme to improve your site performance and reap business profits.

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