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      I have three sites using Porto and have just added a fourth. Have used Porto for many years and find it an excellent theme for complete customization of a website.

      Now that I am adding a lot of content to my sites, I was excited to start using chatGPT to assist in my content creation. I was quite surprised to discover that the Porto AI Engine module was not currently functional.

      After creating an account and adding funds to, generating my API key and adding it to Porto, I received the ‘text-davinci-003’ error response when attempting to use the feature.

      After taking a look through the forums at it looks like a simple fix to get this working again in Porto.

      I edited ai-generator.js and ai-generator.min.js and updated the model to “gpt-3.5-turbo”, and the post url to in an attempt to quickly make this operational, however it seems that the request format will also need to be updated. While I love to code, my time needs to be spent elsewhere.

      Can you please provide an update to Porto’s AI Engine to enable this much needed feature. It will require minimal recoding to make this work. In fact it is just a reformatting of the request data being sent to that will make this functional again.

      Thank you and keep up the great work on this excellent theme.

      Robin Ellins

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