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      Ah! I saw this page but the thumbnail didn’t show the image of the woman so I overlooked it. Very strange that the thumbnail was just all white. Thanks. You saved the day yet again!

      I have one last issue currently and I hope that I will not need to keep asking for support.

      I am trying to add more variations per page in the product edit page (25 or 30 instead of 15) because I have some products from my migration that have just a few more than 15 variations that I need to reorder. I did some research and found a snippet of code to add to my function.php file. This seemed to work for some people but it’s not working in my case. I’m wondering if it’s a conflict with Porto/WPBakery. If the code cannot work with Porto/WPBakery, maybe I can disable them just to edit the variation order and then re-enable them?

      Code that is currently in my function.php file:

      // Add more variations per page on Product Edit page
      function custom_wc_ajax_variation_threshold() {
      return 25;

      add_filter( ‘woocommerce_admin_meta_boxes_variations_per_page’, ‘custom_wc_ajax_variation_threshold’ );

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