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    Aizaz Awan

        Hello, @everyone.

        The PORTO WordPress theme offers a plethora of features to customize and optimize your website. One such noteworthy feature is “Skeleton Screens,” which can greatly enhance the user experience of your site. In this article, we will explore the location of this option, how to enable it, and the reasons why you should consider using this feature.

        Locating the Skeleton Screens Option:

        To locate the Skeleton Screens option in the PORTO WordPress theme, follow these steps:
        Navigate to the Dashboard >> PORTO >> Theme Options >> General >> At the bottom you will find the “Skeleton Screens” Option. Please refer to the below image:


        Enabling Skeleton Screens:

        Once you have located the Skeleton Screens option, enabling it is a straightforward process:
        Step 1: Check the box or toggle switch next to the “Enable Skeleton Screens” option.
        Step 2: Save your changes and preview your website to see the effect of the skeleton screens.

        Benefits and Reasons to Use Skeleton Screens:

        • Enhances User Experience:
        • Skeleton Screens provide a visual representation of the content that is loading on your website. Instead of seeing a blank page or a loading spinner, visitors can see an outline or a simplified representation of the actual content. This creates a smoother and more engaging user experience, reducing perceived waiting times.

        • Improved Perception of Speed:
        • Skeleton Screens give the impression that your website is loading faster, even if it takes a few moments for the actual content to appear. By providing users with a sense of progress and continuity, you can mitigate the frustration that can arise from slow loading times.

        • Prevents Content Jumping:
        • In the absence of skeleton screens, the sudden appearance of content elements can cause the page layout to shift and jump, which can be disorienting for users. Skeleton Screens act as placeholders, maintaining the structure and layout of the page, thereby preventing content jumping and maintaining a cohesive user experience.



        Skeleton Screens are a valuable feature provided by the PORTO WordPress theme that can significantly enhance the user experience of your website. By enabling skeleton screens, you provide users with a visual representation of the loading process, improving perceived speed, reducing frustration, and maintaining a cohesive layout. Utilizing this feature can help create a positive and engaging browsing experience for your visitors, leaving a lasting impression and increasing overall user satisfaction.

        Aizaz from PThemes.

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