Set display conditions for Porto templates

Set display conditions for Porto templates

After creating header, footer, product and shop builders using our Templates Builder, you need to set display conditions which determine where you want to display. In the old version of Porto, only one header or footer is available throughout the site.

Using display conditions you can use different headers, footers, single product layouts or shop layouts for the specific pages. For example, you can create two headers which are named “default header” and “product header”, and use a default header throughout the site and a product header for the single product pages. Please check this video for more details.

How are Display Conditions Displayed?

You can add unlimited display condition queries for templates, so that you can show certain templates in the certain pages only.
Ajax living search feature will help you to find anything that you want more easily.

Display Conditions

How to set display conditions for Porto templates?

There are 3 places that we can set display conditions for templates.
– Page Layouts
– Page Builders ( Elementor, WPBakery )
– Templates List Page

1. Using Page Layouts panel

Page Layouts panel is for customizing page layouts, headers and footers of a website.
You can set display conditions for templates in the Page Layouts panel.
First of all, you should select the part of the layout that you want to apply your templates to.
Next, you should add or update templates to apply on the selected layout parts.
Finally, you can apply display conditions for selected templates.

Page Layouts panel

2. Using Page Builders

We are supporting 2 page builders: Elementor and WPBakery for Porto templates builder.
So you can apply its display conditions in each page builder’s interface.

How to set display conditions for Porto templates in Elementor?

How to set display conditions for Porto templates in WPBakery & WordPress Editor?

– WPBakery

– WordPress Editor

3. In Templates List Page

In the Porto templates page, each template has its own Display Condition edit button to add or update/remove conditions directly.

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