Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to build one page navigation, please read our One Page Setup article.

You can also add anchor scroll using Porto Sticky Nav element or Porto Floating Menu element.

When you’re not using menu items or elements, then you can try adding a custom css class to the anchor tag.

Theses classes are “hash-scroll” and “hash-scroll-wrap“. You can add hash-scroll to a anchor tag directly and hash-scroll-wrap class to its parent tag.

For example,

<a class="hash-scroll" href="#section1">Section 1</a>
<div class="hash-scroll-wrap"><a href="#section1">Section 1</a><a href="#section2">Section 2</a></div>

Here “section1” and “section2” are IDs of scrolling elements.

  • Please go to Porto > Speed Optimize wizard > JS Composer & Shortcodes.
  • Please select unused shortcodes and click “Compile & Continue” button.

– Please go to Theme Options > Woocommerce > Product Archives > Add Links Position..

– Please select Show Quantity type.

– Please go to Theme Options > Woocommerce > Single Product > Variation Selection Mode.

– Please check Select Box.

– Please go Slider Settings > Problem Handlings.

– Please enable Put JS Includes To Body

Try adding the following exclusion under Settings -> WP Super Cache -> Advanced -> “strings that forces a page not to be cached”:

If you have the issues with facebook sharing or other sharing plugins, please install the following plugin:

It adds the correct sharing meta tags for each page.

You can show wpml language switcher or wpml currency switcher.

You should enable Show WPML Language Switcher and Show WPML Currency Switcher options in Theme Options > Header.

Before enable these options, you should install WPML and WooCommerce Multilingual – run WooCommerce with WPML plugins.

You should configure wpml language switcher in WPML > Languages > Language switcher options. You can see here for more details.

You should configure wpml currency switcher in WPML > WooCommerce Multilingual > Manage Currencies. You can see here for more details.

If update version is available, alert message will be displayed at the top of the admin panel.

You can update plugins in Porto -> Setup Wizard -> Plugins panel.

For more details please check guide.