Home Newsletter Pop Up/Modal Box Background Image and Text changing or Removing the Pop Up/Modal Box Using WPBakery Page Builder.

Firstly, this Modal Pop-Up is coming from Modal Box which is present on the Homepage. So, you need to first edit your Home page. Here’s how to do it:

Then you’ll find the editor window in-front of you. Click on Backend Editor, like shown in this image:

On the editor window, after some scrolling down you’ll find Porto Modal Box, click on the Pencil icon, you’ll find the Widget Setting window. There you’ll find the Block Name named as Newsletter Popup. Like this:

Now, to change the Block Settings, you need to go to the Dashboard >> Porto >> Template Builder >> Newsletter Popup >> Edit like the below image:

After click on “Edit” a new page will be open like below image:

For changing the background image simply click on the “edit row” icon then go to “Design tab” then scroll down the image section simply choose the image then save settings like below image:

For changing the text simply click on the “edit” icon then click on “General” then enter the text in the “text box” like the below image:

For removing the popup/modal simply go to the Dashboard >> Pages >> All Pages >> Home Page >> Edit like in the below image:

After click on “edit” a new page will open scroll down the page at the “Porto Modal Box” section the section looks like the below image:

Simply click on the “edit row” icon choose “General” then scroll down in the box at the “Disable row” simply “Disable it” then save settings. See below image:

Hope this helps 🙂
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