Points to be noted when migrating to Porto 6.10.0

Points to be noted when migrating to Porto 6.10.0

Porto 6.10.0 released and fixed major user-friendly issues.

Porto 6.10.0 release is here, bringing exciting new features and important bug fixes. First of all, we strongly recommend backing up your database before updating. This precautionary measure will ensure the safety of your data in case any unforeseen issues arise during the update process.

Our diligent development team has detected significant user-friendly issues in the previous Porto version. We know these issues may cause some backward compatibility problems, but have to address to improve the user experience and user-friendly to build the site in the future. It is important to us that you understand our grievances.

Okay, so we introduced to solve problems, if you encounter issues after updating the theme.

1. You can see the intro section which full-width decreases the boxed.

In any case, a full-width section works as full-width and boxed as boxed.

Regarding to this, there is a issue in which sections that were previously seen as full-width appear as boxed.
I showed you how to solve it with a gif file below.


2. Header builder, especially the problem of unbalanced sizes and spacing of icons has been resolved.

Warning - header icons

Main purpose is to eliminate the disproportionate size and different spacing of the shopping cart and wishlist icons, which were previously inconvenient to customize.

For a detailed look at new version, 6.10.0 Blog in www.portotheme.com or What’s New 6.10.0.

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