Porto Elementor widgets

Porto Elementor widgets

1. Widgets

  • Blog: display blog posts
  • Products: display WooCommerce products
  • Portfolio: display Porto portfolio list
  • Product Categories: display WooCommerce product categories in several layouts
  • Ultimate Heading: display heading and sub heading
  • Info Box: display icon boxes which has title, sub title and description
  • Recent Posts: display recent posts in slider
  • Counter: display counter box
  • Button: display Porto styled buttons with default, modern and outline types

2. Element Add-ons

Porto adds Porto Additional Settings section for Elementor Section and Inner Section elements to build Carousel, Creative Grid(Masonry Layouts) and Banner elements.

  • Carousel: All columns in this section will be used as the carousel items which are able to contain any widgets.
  • Banner: Column settings panel also has Porto Additional Settings section to set the column as a Banner Layer. All banner layers could contain any widgets and could set horizontal and vertical position in the banner.
  • Creative Grid: There are predefined layouts and masonry ones. All columns in the section will become the grid items which can contain any widgets.

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