Porto Search Form Element

Porto Search Form Element

A search element is an important element of website. It must provide accurate search results and multiple design options. The Porto Search Form Element provides you accurate information and stunning styles as well. Porto Search Element has many types. And it is fully customizable. To see this page to know about the samples.

How To Use The Porto Search Form Element

Step 1. Create, or choose the Column into which you want to add your element. Click on Add New Element.

Step 2. Select Porto Search Form Element from the Element List.

Step 3. Configure the Porto Search Form Element to some place into your header. And we support multiple design options.

Step 4. After completing your configuration, don’t forget to save all changes.

Element Content Options

Placeholder Text– Placeholder of search box input.

Show Category Filter– Determines whether you can search by categories or not.

Show Categories on Mobile– Determines whether to show or hide categories on mobile.

Popup Position– Determines dropdown position.

Search Icon Size– Size of search icon.

Search Icon Color– Color of search icon.

Input Box Width– Width of search input box.

Height– Determines search height.

Border Width– Determines border width of search box.

Border Color– Determines border color of search box.

Border Radius– Determines border radius of search box.

Separator Color– Determines separator color of search box.

Extra Class Name– Add your additional class name without dot. e.g: my-class.

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