Porto View Switcher Element

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Porto View Switcher Element

A switcher element is an important element of all websites. It consists of two switcher: language switcher and currency switcher. If you need more details, please go to Porto Translation.

How To Use The Porto Switcher Element

Step 1. Create, or choose the Column into which you want to add your element. Click on Add New Element.

Step 2. Select Porto Switcher Element from the Element List.

Step 3. Configure the Porto Switcher Element to some place into your header. We have 2 types of switcher: language and currency. And we support multiple design options.

Step 4. After completing your configuration, don’t forget to save all changes.

Element Content Options

Type– Select switcher type: language and currency.

Top Level Font Size– Font Size of  top level menu.

Top Level Font Weight– Font Style of  top level menu.

Top Level Text Transform– Text transform of  top level menu. E.g: uppercase, lowercase, capitalize, none…

Top Level Line Height– Line height of  top level menu.

Top Level Letter Spacing– Letter spacing of  top level menu.

Top Level Color– Color of  top level menu.

Top Level Hover color– Hover color of  top level menu.

Extra Class Name– Add your additional class name without dot. e.g: my-class.

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