Section Tab

Section Tab

Porto 6.5.0 offers Section tab for Elementor. Until now, you use the elementor tab widget with custom style. Section tab consists of section and column. Section is tab wrapper and column is tab content.

Section Tab

How To Use.

To use the section tab, you should manage the options on section and column


First of all, you must choose Tab in the Porto Additional Settings

Tab Type – Choose the tab title – boxed or underline

Nav Arrange – Control the tab nav to arrange horizontally or vertically

After Tab Content – To sho the tab nav before of after tab content

Justify Navs – To make the tab navs have full width

Navs Position – To control the alignment of tab nav


Column Tab Option

For tab content, you must choose Tab Content in the Porto Settings

Nav Title – Choose the tab title equivalent of column

Icon – Control the tab title icon

Nav Type With Icon – Manage the position of title icon

Navs Position – Controls the alignment of tab title

Nav Icon Spacing – Controls the space between the icon and nav title

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