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Theme Options

Porto comes with advanced settings panel using wordpress customizer which contains options. We have the options organized into logical tabbed sections, and each option has a description of what it will do on the front end.

Theme options page is divided into options panel on the left and customizer’s preview window on the right. If you change any option in the options panel, the changes will be applied immediately in the preview window. But changed options will not be saved unless you click ‘Publish’ button. Porto uses wordpress selective refresh for the options so you can avoid refreshes and improve responsiveness when changing options.

Porto also displays tooltips on mouse hover for page elements including header and footer which has layout and skin settings. If you click this tooltip, it will go to the related options section.

Because of the undefined amount of options Porto provides, we cannot go over them in full detail here in our documentation. We encourage you to take some time to navigate through each tab to see what we offer. Go to Porto > Theme Options  on admin sidebar to access the setting options. See below short descriptions of our Theme Options panel.

General – These options allow you to change layout settings and set general options such as logo image, breadcrumb show etc.

  • Layout – Manage site layout, sidebar, sticky sidebar and enable content type and category page skin option when editing single content type and content type archive page in the admin. Here content types include post, page, product, portfolio, member and event.
  • Theme Layout – Displays each section of the site layout.
  • HTML Blocks – Insert html contents in every section of the site layout.
  • Logo, Icons – default, sticky header, mobile, retina logo and favicon icon options.

Skin – These options allow you to set background colors for your website’s headers, sidebars and page titles. You can also customize your font, element, and menu colors.

  • Theme Colors – set theme colors ( primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, dark, light, etc ) and button and social icons style.
  • Layout – set container width, grid gutter width, border radius, thumbnail padding and background type which checks if dark skin or light skin.
  • Typography – set fonts for body, heading, paragraph and footer and check to use google web font loader.
  • Backgrounds – set backgrounds for body, page content and content bottom area.
  • Header – header text, link color, background, padding, opacity options.
  • Main menu – set menu item color, font and padding of main menu, mobile menu and side menu.
  • Breadcrumbs –  fonts, background, text color, link color, padding and sub title margin options.
  • Footer – styling options such as text color, link color, background, padding, etc for footer areas
  • Mobile Menu – mobile toggle background and text color, panel background color, and mobile menu item text color and hover color options.
  • View, Currency Switcher – background color, background color on mouse over, text color and link color options for language and currency switcher.
  • Search Form – background color, border color and text color options for search form and popup.
  • Mini Cart – set mini cart background color, item color, item color and popup border color for default header and sticky header.
  • Shop – Wishlist and Quick view color options.
  • Custom CSS – add custom css.

Header – These options allow you to choose options for header variations, sticky header and header content.

  • General – header position, layout and view options and custom contact and welcome message.
  • Header Type – set pre-built header types or if use header builder instead of preset.
  • Header Builder – create and modify the site header dynamically on different devices without using pre-built header types. For more details please go to here.
  • View, Currency Switcher – enable/disable options to display currency and language switchers.
  • Social Links – social sites’ urls to be displayed in the header.
  • Search Form – layout options for search form.
  • Sticky Header – sticky header visibility and layout options.
  • Mobile Panel – mobile panel type if using default mobile menu or side mobile panel at the left/right side of the page.

Menu – These options are applied to your menu. These options allow you to customize the various settings of the menu.

Breadcrumbs – You can configure the breadcrumbs options and select the breadcrumbs type.

Footer – These options affect your website’s footer. These options allow you to customize your website’s footer as well as add copyright and social icons.

Page – These options are applied to general pages.

Post – These options allow you to configure layout settings for Blog & Single Post pages.

  • General – show post format, hot text, image light box, post meta infos to be displayed and meta position options.
  • Blog Post Archives – page layout, archive layout, excerpt length, excerpt type and date format options for post archive pages.
  • Blog – blog page title, banner position, footer view, banner type options and custom porto blocks to be displayed in the blog pages.
  • Single Post – page layout and post layout and type for single post page.
  • Post Carousel – set post layout options in carousel such as related posts.

Portfolio – These options are all applied to your portfolio archive pages.

  • General – select portfolio page, light box, meta infos to be displayed in the portfolio.
  • Portfolio Archives – page layout and portfolio layout for portfolio archive pages.
  • Single Portfolio – page layout and portfolio layout for single portfolio page.
  • Portfolio Carousel – set portfolio layout options in carousel such as related portfolios.

Event – These options are all applied to your event pages.

Member – These options are all applied to your member pages.

FAQ – These options allow you to set page title and layout settings for FAQ page.

Woocommerce – These options assist with the integration between Woocommerce and Porto.

  • General – enables login popup and checks to show rating in widget, border on product, hot label and sale label.
  • Product Archives – page layout, product layout, view mode and column options.
  • Single Product – page layout option, product layout options and column options for related product, up-sells, etc.
  • Product Image and Zoom – set product image and thumbnail options for single product page.
  • Cart – cart version and cross sell options.
  • Checkout – checkout page version option.
  • Catalog Mode – Catalog mode options.
  • Registration Form – check if display full information or short description in the registration page.

Font Control – These options allow you to configure the custom fonts.  You should upload the font zip file. If you imported custom font, you can change the fonts in Theme Options > Skin > Typography.

Reset Options – These option allows you to reset all options including advanced options to the default values.

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