Version 6.2.7 (4.27.2022)
+ Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 6.4.0

- Updated: Compatibility with Elementor 3.6.4
- Updated: Compatibility with Hubspot plugin.

- Fixed: Sale flash label HTML variable doesn't have any filter.
- Fixed: iPad mobile menu issues.
Version 6.2.6 (3.29.2022)
+ Added: Compatibility with Hubspot plugin.

- Updated: Theme language/POT file.

- Fixed: Elementor Pro/Forms widget compatibility issue.
- Fixed: Translation issue in Order complete page.
- Fixed: Elementor deprecated issues.
Version 6.2.5 (3.22.2022)
+ Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce Waitlist plugin.
- Updated: Setup wizard -> status step.
- Updated: Admin API functionalities.

- Fixed: JS translation issues.
Version 6.2.4 (3.12.2022)
+ Added: Comaptibility with WordPress 5.9.2
+ Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 6.3.1

- Fixed: Breadcrumb style issue.
- Fixed: Mobile menu dropdown angle doesn't work properly on iPhone.
- Fixed: Item remove functionality doesn't work proerly in off-canvas wishlist type.
- Fixed: Elementor Blog 1, 5 demos aren't imported properly.
- Fixed: Sales popup functionality doesn't work on mobile.
- Fixed: PHP warning in Porto pre-order functionality.
- Fixed: WPBakery Image Carousel widget doens't work in frontend.
- Fixed: Blog post widget showing type issue in WPBakery & Elementor page builders.
Version 6.2.3 (1.19.2022)
+ Added: new Porto Visual Composer addon plugin to separate Visual Composer features from theme and functionality plugin
+ Added: keywords search in Porto Studio
+ Added: category filter by ajax for portfolio, members and faqs elements
+ Added: "infinite scroll" and "load more" pagination styles for portfolio, members and faqs elements
+ Added: 8 Main feature pages
+ Added: RTL Elementor demo
+ Added: Phography 2 Elementor demo
+ Added: Phography 3 Elementor demo
+ Added: Blog 4 Elementor demo
+ Added: Blog 5 Elementor demo
+ Added: Portfolio 4 Elementor demo
+ Added: Portfolio 5 Elementor demo
+ Added: Hotel boxed WPBakery demo

- Updated: App Landing demo design
- Updated: Digital Agency demo design
- Updated: Porto Portfolios, Porto Members and Porto Faqs elements by adding cache feature for ajax tabs
- Updated: Porto Image Gallery element by adding options for hover effects and click action
- Updated: Elements demo design
- Updated: landing page
- Updated: language files

- Fixed: compatibility issues with Elementor 3.5.0
- Fixed: default kit not created after Elementor demo import
- Fixed: Porto shop builder not working with Elementor page builder
- Fixed: post date was not displaying in Porto Portfolios element when using timeline layout and "infinite load" or "load more" pagination styles
- Fixed: minor php 8 issues
- Fixed: stock information not updating in sticky add to cart on single product page
- Fixed: alt attribute not adding in icon image for Porto info box element
- Fixed: account dropdown menu to be worked for only users logged in
- Fixed: product compare button's position issue for some single product layouts
- Fixed: a Gutenberg column width issue
- Fixed: minor offcanvas cart style issue for some header types
Version 6.2.1 (10.21.2021)
+ Added: Compatibility with Yith Wishlist Pro plugin
+ Added: an option to order by multiple fields for products element

- Updated: lazy load mobile menu only when enabling "Lazy Load Sub Menus" in speed optimize wizard

- Fixed: css including order issue when using "Internal Embedding" CSS Print Method in Elementor
- Fixed: minor compatibility issues between Theme Options and Elementor kit
- Fixed: a php error in page layout when using child theme
- Fixed: "Post Meta Position" theme option is not working for some single post layouts
- Fixed: microdata issue in breadcrumbs
- Fixed: default variation wasn't selected when using label/image swatch and uppercase attribute name in single product page
- Fixed: pagination not working in single product page's comments section
- Fixed: map maker icon not working in Elementor Google Map element
Version 6.2.0 (10.3.2021)
+ Added: Bootstrap 5 Support
+ Added: Page layout feature to set header, footer, blocks, etc in a layout

+ Added: Corporate 21 demo (WPBakery, Elementor)
+ Added: Hotel (Boxed) Elementor demo
+ Added: Classic Light Elementor demo
+ Added: Classic Video Elementor demo
+ Added: Classic Video Light Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 1 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 2 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 3 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 4 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 5 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 6 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 7 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 9 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 10 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 11 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 12 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 13 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 14 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate Hosting Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 15 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 16 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 17 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 18 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 19 Elementor demo
+ Added: Corporate 20 Elementor demo
+ Added: Blog 1 Elementor demo
+ Added: Blog 2 Elementor demo
+ Added: Blog 3 Elementor demo
+ Added: Portfolio 1 Elementor demo
+ Added: Portfolio 2 Elementor demo
+ Added: Portfolio 3 Elementor demo

+ Added: schedule timeline Elementor widget
+ Added: sticky container feature to Elementor column element
+ Added: rel="noopener noreferrer" to target="_blank" links for security reasons
+ Added: a theme option to add rel="nofollow" to social links in member archive and single pages
+ Added: theme options to display new product label
+ Added: an option to disable WP emojis script in speed optimize wizard
+ Added: an option to disable jQuery migrate script in speed optimize wizard
+ Added: an option to control threshold for image width or height in speed optimize wizard
+ Added: an option to control image quality in speed optimize wizard
+ Added: Half container elment
+ Added: Image compare element
+ Added: Image gallery element
+ Added: Recently viewed products element
+ Added: Social Icons element
+ Added: Elementor page header widget
+ Added: Elementor 360 degree image viewer widget
+ Added: dropped jQuery migrate
+ Added: mouse parallax feature
+ Added: several banner effects to Interactive Banner element
+ Added: product video thumbnail
+ Added: social video(Youtube and Videmo) support to Interactive Banner element
+ Added: Admin tools to reset transients and caches, compile css and reset templates' conditions
+ Added: Offcanvas wishlist
+ Added: margin option between slide items in blog element

- Updated: Insurance demo design
- Updated: Finance demo design
- Updated: Education demo design
- Updated: Real Estate demo design
- Updated: Law firm demo design
- Updated: Hotel demo design
- Updated: Event demo design
- Updated: Restaurant demo design
- Updated: Agency One Page demo design
- Updated: Wedding demo design
- Updated: Shop 28 (Single Product) demo design
- Updated: Resume demo design
- Updated: Church demo design
- Updated: appear and lazyload js using IntersectionObserver
- Updated: review sorting is removed in products elements if reviews are disabled in WooCommerce settings
- Updated: dropped .visible plugin in theme.js
- Updated: enhanced js rendering time 40ms
- Updated: category filter and sort feature in products element using js cache
- Updated: some elements pages
- Updated: Grid system in gutenberg editor
- Updated: advanced testimonial style
- Updated: jquery waitforimages plugin to vanilla imagesloaded plugin

- Fixed: compatibility issue with Elementor pro's templates builder
- Fixed: w3 validation issues throughout theme
- Fixed: css animation not working sometimes on resize from tablet to mobile
- Fixed: some css issues on safari and firefox
- Fixed: compatibility issue with menu slide type and menu lazyload feature
- Fixed: svg not importing in Porto studio
- Fixed: sub menu overflow issue in blog 3 demo
- Fixed: sub menu not opening using arrow in accordion menu
- Fixed: Porto studio not importing in WPBakery frontend editor
- Fixed: IntersectionObserver not working on firefox and safari
- Fixed: compatibility issues with WooCommerce plugins and skeleton loading in single product page
Version 6.1.8 (8.23.2021)
- Fixed: compatibility with WooCommerce 5.6.0
- Fixed: active breadcrumbs item was clickable in order complete page
Version 6.1.7 (8.19.2021)
+ Added: compatibility with Elementor 3.4.0
+ Added: close overlay search using esc key

- Fixed: "Popup" main menu type not working on mobile header builder in customizer panel
- Fixed: "Carousel" single portfolio layout not working with the latest revolution slider
- Fixed: Align option not working for Porto Icon element
- Fixed: resubmission not working for Contact Form 7 forms
- Fixed: Add to cart button not working well in wishlist page when using add to cart notification type 2 and 3
- Fixed: RTL column reverse option not working in WPBakery row element
- Fixed: minor rtl issues in WPBakery editor
- Fixed: overlay search close button not working on mobile
- Fixed: sub menu item's skeleton color issue when sub menu's background color is dark
Version 6.1.6 (7.30.2021)
- Fixed: a javascript error in theme.js
Version 6.1.5 (7.30.2021)
- Updated: theme license manager
- Updated: sales popup using web worker
- Fixed: svg not working after Elementor demo import
- Fixed: popover element not working
- Fixed: overlay search close button not working on mobile
- Fixed: "woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link" filter was outdated
Version 6.1.4 (7.20.2021)
- Fixed: Scrollspy not working on Firefox (resume demo)
- Fixed: Porto Studio not importing in WPbakery Frontend editor
- Fixed: daily sale timer not working well on variable product
- Fixed: Shop 22 wcfm version not importing because of WCFM - WooCommerce Frontend Manager plugin
- Fixed: styled map not working in Porto Visual Composer Google map element
Version 6.1.3 (7.10.2021)
- Updated: compatibility with WPBakery 6.7.0
- Updated: compatibility with Revolution Slider 6.5.4
- Updated: lessphp library to the latest version
- Fixed: WPBakery Grid builder not working
- Fixed: Compatibility issue with FS WooCommerce Wallet plugin
- Fixed: Elementor accordion wasn't opening and closing smoothly
- Fixed: product attribute description not opening well on single product page
- Fixed: Porto carousel element's style issue in WPBakery frontend editor
- Fixed: "New Porto Builder" popup's style issue on some plugin setting pages such as Mailpoet in admin
- Fixed: minor style issues on single product button and minicart
Version 6.1.2 (6.24.2021)
- Fixed: textarea metabox field not working in admin
- Fixed: social share icons not working on Yith wishlist page
- Fixed: add to cart button's style issue on Yith wishlist page
- Fixed: compatibility issues with ElementsKit Lite plugin when using Porto Elementor ajaxselect2 control
- Fixed: a php error in Porto Masonry Grid container element
- Fixed: minor js issues on Elementor editor
Version 6.1.1 (6.5.2021)
- Fixed: Shape divider not working in WPBakery section element
- Fixed: some demos not importing
- Fixed: minor style issue in WPBakery inner row which has container in it
- Fixed: minor style issue in porto icon element
Version 6.1.0 (5.19.2021)
+ Added: Business consulting 3 demo (WPBakery, Elementor and Visual Composer)
+ Added: Auto Services Elementor demo
+ Added: Startup Agency Elementor demo
+ Added: Law firm 2 Elementor demo
+ Added: Shop 3 Gutenberg demo
+ Added: Shop 14 Gutenberg demo
+ Added: Shop 34 Gutenberg demo
+ Added: Shop 35 Gutenberg demo
+ Added: Shop 38 Gutenberg demo
+ Added: Shop 40 Gutenberg demo
+ Added: Shop 22 WCFM Vendors version

+ Added: Porto Studio compatibility with Gutengerg editor
+ Added: templates builder elemnts for Gutenberg editor (Header builder, Footer builder, Product builder, Shop builder and Popup builder)
+ Added: popup builder to template builders
+ Added: Admin tools to clear transient, compile css and reset used block information throughout the site
+ Added: Demo uninstall functionality in setup wizard
+ Added: a functionality to preload fonts in speed optimize wizard
+ Added: compatibility with WCFM Vendors (Shop demo 22)
+ Added: compatibility with WPForms Lite plugin (Shop demo 1)
+ Added: sales notification functionality
+ Added: shape divider for section elements (Restaurant demo)
+ Added: svg floating element (Startup Agency Elementor demo)
+ Added: Elementor One Layer Banner widget using Column element
+ Added: Visual Composer social icons element
+ Added: Visual Composer circular bar element
+ Added: Visual Composer fancy text element
+ Added: Visual Composer page header elements
+ Added: Gutenberg products widget element
+ Added: Gutenberg hotspot element
+ Added: Gutenberg sidebar menu element
+ Added: Gutenberg recent portfolios element
+ Added: Gutenberg members element
+ Added: Gutenberg recent members
+ Added: lens effect on single product image for all product types including "Extended", "Full Width", "Grid", "Sticky" and "Sticky Left & Right"
+ Added: "back to templates list" link into templates builder's frontend editor for Elementor and Visual Composer
+ Added: animation fields for Porto Info Box elements
+ Added: width and height attribute to author image in testimonial element
+ Added: KenBurns, Snow and Sparkle effects for banner elements (Law firm 2, Shop 3, Shop 4, Shop 34 and Shop 38)
+ Added: a functionality to set dropdown menu for account item in header
+ Added: icon hover effects to info box and button elements
+ Added: hover effects to banner elements
+ Added: several theme options to change form style and sidebar style
+ Added: ajax selectbox2 for some Elementor element controls
+ Added: wire frames in header builder
+ Added: product video thumbnail
+ Added: product compare functionality using YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin
+ Added: an option to enable or disable sticky sidebar in single product builder
+ Added: an option to display only pre-order products in products element
+ Added: an option to make a row or section to sticky header in header builder
+ Added: an option to change search popup's position in header builder
+ Added: an option to change editor's preview width in WPBakery frontend editor and Elementor editor
+ Added: a function to close Off canvas popups using ESC key
+ Added: style options for Visual Composer shop builder's products element
+ Added: tyewriter effects for heading and ultimate heading elements (Construction and Restaurant)
+ Added: detailed description for all elements

- Updated: Elementor pro compatibility
- Updated: php 8 compatibility
- Updated: Construction demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
- Updated: Restaurant demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
- Updated: Resume demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
- Updated: Porto WPBakery elements' control types using Toggle, Typography, Buttongroup, Dimension, Responsive and Multiselect controls
- Updated: elements page of products, banner, shape divider, header and footer builders
- Updated: all Gutenberg elements (options, controls and editor view)
- Updated: documentation
- Updated: WordPress deprecated functions used in the theme
- Updated: uploaded porto functionality plugin to the api server from the theme
- Updated: uploaded demo images to the api server from the theme
- Updated: Scrollspy using IntersectionObserver
- Updated: style of changelog page
- Updated: demo importer to be worked well when importing several times
- Updated: all Elementor demo's additional css for users to customize layout easily
- Updated: improved about 10% of page loading speed

- Fixed: Elementor blocks not displaying well in gutenberg/tinymce/archive pages
- Fixed: Elementor column carousel style issue when updating options in editor
- Fixed: dynamic style loading issue on selective refresh in customize panel of WP 5.6
- Fixed: Footer Ribbon text and tooltip option not working in footer builder
- Fixed: rtl issues on offcanvas minicart
- Fixed: porto image frame element's width and height attribute issue
- Fixed: intro slider's svg shape divider not showing after import cleaning services elementor demo
- Fixed: elementor accordion element not working well in editor
- Fixed: quickview for product variation in wishlist page
- Fixed: add to cart not working on quickview for variable product in wishlist page
- Fixed: Google structured data not working well in single product page when using single product builder
- Fixed: off canvas mini cart not working on mobile when using desktop header and mobile header separately
- Fixed: some style issues of App Landing Elementor demo after import
- Fixed: term meta not imported after import demo contents
- Fixed: wrong wishlist icon position on single product page for some product layouts
- Fixed: wrong item count issue in carousel element if no responsive options exists
- Fixed: page header element in a block not working in archive pages
- Fixed: lazyload issue of product hover image
- Fixed: compatibility issues in single product page with skeleton screens and marketplace plugins such as Dokan Lite and WCFM Vendors
- Fixed: some custom taxonomy meta not adding when importing demos
- Fixed: loading overlay issue on Firefox and Edge
- Fixed: video banner not playing automatically on safari
Version 6.0.7 (4.17.2021)
- Updated: compatibility with WooCommerce 5.2.0
- Updated: testminial element by adding width and height attributes to author image tags
- Dev: "porto_single_product_after_thumbnails" filter is added to add html after displaying thumbnails in single product page
- Fixed: Elementor tabs element not working well on editor
- Fixed: wrong alt attribute issue in porto image frame element
- Fixed: minor rtl style issues
- Fixed: js error on porto builder tooltip
Version 6.0.6 (3.04.2021)
- Updated: WPBakery Page builder plugin to 6.6.0 ( Fixed compatibility issues )
- Updated: Revolution Slider plugin to 6.4.2
- Fixed: Visual Composer 35 compatibility issues
- Fixed: "Show All" not working in Porto products element when using "Sort by" or "Categories filter" option
Version 6.0.5 (2.06.2021)
+ Added: lens effect on product images for all single product layouts such as Extended, Full Width, Grid, Sticky Info, Transparent Images, etc
+ Added: edit link of builder templates in frontend for admin users
- Fixed: Visual Composer 33.0 compatibility issues
- Fixed: selective refersh not working well sometimes in customize panel
- Fixed: minor js issue in variable product page
- Fixed: banner slider height issue in shop 18 demo on mobile
- Fixed: Visual Composer Google Map element not working
- Fixed: css3 animation effect not working after importing demo for Visual Composer demos
- Fixed: iframe tag not working in the custom tab content of single product page
Version 6.0.4 (1.29.2021)
- Fixed: issue with templates builder type not displaying for old blocks and custom product layouts
- Fixed: issue with category field not displaying for custom post types in Gutenberg editor
- Fixed: wrong product columns in shop pages of shop 35 demo when deleting some products
- Fixed: minor php warning in inc/functions/general.php
- Fixed: post format not displaying in "modern" blog page type
- Fixed: a rtl issue at the breadcrumbs section in checkout and cart pages
- Fixed: register action not working in the login popup when using old form login template
- Fixed: iframe not working in custom tab content of single product page
- Fixed: Elementor shop 25 demo not importing
Version 6.0.3 (1.18.2021)
- Fixed: php 8 issues
- Fixed: WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin compatibility issue when using "Default" value for Porto -> Theme Options -> Header -> View, Currency Switcher -> Currency Switcher Position.
- Fixed: minor php warnings in functions.php
Version 6.0.2 (1.13.2021)
- Updated: support lens effect on product images for "Extended" and "Full Width" single product type
- Fixed: two php 8 errors
- Fixed: cart link not working in add to cart notification style 1
- Fixed: a translation issue in cart page version 2
Version 6.0.1 (1.07.2021)
+ Added: Porto settings options to Visual Composer Settings panel in frontend editor
+ Added: automatically convert old blocks to Porto -> Templates Builder -> Blocks
- Updated: language files
Version 6.0 (1.06.2021)
+ Added: New Feature - Visual Composer Support
+ Added: Porto Templates Builder( Header, Footer, Block, Shop and Product ) using page builders including WPBakery Page builder, Elementor and Visual Composer
+ Added: Porto Templates Builder display condition
+ Added: Shop 37 demo (WPBakery, Elementor and Visual Composer)
+ Added: Medical Shop demo (WPBakery, Elementor and Visual Composer)
+ Added: Wine Shop demo (WPBakery, Elementor and Visual Composer)
+ Added: Grocery 2 Shop demo (WPBakery, Elementor and Visual Composer)
+ Added: Grocery 3 Shop demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
+ Added: Shop 42 demo (WPBakery, Elementor and Visual Composer)
+ Added: Auto Services Business demo (WPBakery)
+ Added: Cleaning Services Business demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
+ Added: Industry Factory Business demo (WPBakery, Elementor and Visual Composer)
+ Added: Startup Agency Business demo (WPBakery)
+ Added: Architecture 2 Business demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
+ Added: Law Firm 2 Business demo (WPBakery)
+ Added: Classic Original Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 1 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 2 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 3 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 4 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 5 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 6 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 7 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 8 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 9 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 10 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 11 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 14 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 22 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 25 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 26 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 34 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 35 (Grocery 1) Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Shop 36 Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Construction Visual Composer demo
+ Added: Hotspot element to display spots and product, block or html on hover them
+ Added: new add to cart popup style
+ Added: Porto Builder templates to Porto Studio
+ Added: Off Canvas minicart popup style
+ Added: Off Canvas products filter style
+ Added: a "Breadcrumbs Position" theme option under Porto -> Theme Options -> Breadcrumbs to place breadcrumbs below header or at the top of main content
+ Added: a function to compile dynamic css after related plugins have been activated or deactivated
+ Added: a "modern" post type option for WPBakery blog posts element
+ Added: an option for WPBakery Inner Row element to add container in it
+ Added: an option to filter only on-sale products to Porto products elements
- Updated: documentation
- Updated: Optimized Visual Composer editor
- Updated: Customizer panel design
- Updated: Search functionality in Theme Options panel
- Updated: products element by adding attribute selector
- Updated: Porto Studio blocks by adding new blocks for Porto Builder templates and new demos
- Updated: increased score in Google Page Speed
- Updated: theme options by adding more description
- Updated: Speed Optimize wizard by adding more options in "Other Minify" section
- Updated: Minicart arrow shape using after pseudo attribute of icon
- Fixed: product image wasn't displayed sometimes in single product page when skeleton was enabled
- Fixed: 'woocommerce_account_menu_items' filter wasn't working
- Fixed: plugin install didn't work well sometimes in setup wizard
- Fixed: sticky sidebar flash issue when using skeleton screens
- Fixed: scrolling to top issue on fancybox quickview whenever updating variation in shop page
- Fixed: style map field not working in Porto Elementor Google map widget
Version 5.5.5 (12.31.2020)
- Fixed: jQuery 3.5 compatibility issues
- Fixed: page wrapper background issue when using footer reveal effect
- Fixed: right sidebar not displaying well when using off cavans filter on shop pages
- Fixed: products column issue when adding Porto product element on shop pages
- Fixed: style issue in Theme Options panel when using other admin scheme
Version 5.5.4 (12.25.2020)
- Fixed: Elementor demo not importing with Elementor 3.0.15
- Fixed: scrolling to top issue on fancybox quickview whenever updating variation in shop pages on mobile
Version 5.5.3 (12.18.2020)
- Fixed: WordPress 5.6.0 compatibility issues
- Fixed: WooCommerce 4.8.0 compatibility issues
- Fixed: Sticky Header not working when using header builder and place secondary menu in header bottom section
- Fixed: Variation selection not working in single product page on IOS mobile
- Fixed: minor Javascript issues in /js/theme.js and /js/woocommerce-theme.js
- Fixed: dual error message issue when clicking add to cart button without selecting the variation in single product page
Version 5.5.2 (12.16.2020)
- Updated: "Medium" single post page type to page content area wrap post image
- Fixed: "woocommerce_thankyou" action issue in woocommerce/checkout/thankyou.php
- Fixed: price orderby not working in Porto products element
- Fixed: Porto Elementor block not showing in single product description
Version 5.5.1 (11.6.2020)
- Fixed: some translation issues in woocommerce template files
- Fixed: compatibility issue with menu lazyload and WooCommerce Multilingual Plugin
- Fixed: minor style issues in shop page toolbar on mobile
- Fixed: sticky header style issue when sidebar is opened on mobile
Version 5.5.0 (10.30.2020)
+ Added: Classic One Page Elementor demo
+ Added: Classic Color Elementor demo
+ Added: Law Firm Elementor demo
+ Added: App landing Elementor demo
+ Added: Finance Elementor demo
+ Added: Real Estate Elementor demo
+ Added: Event Elementor demo
+ Added: Church Elementor demo
+ Added: Resume Elementor demo
+ Added: Wedding Elementor demo
+ Added: Shop 1 dark demo
+ Added: Shop 2 dark demo
+ Added: Shop 4 dark demo
+ Added: css animation effects for the inner elements when the carousel is translated
+ Added: "Modern" Blog and single post style
+ Added: "OffCanvas" products filter type in shop pages
+ Added: "OffCanvas" mini cart content type under Theme Options -> Header

- Updated: the design of Cart, Checkout, Order Complete, Wishlist, Myaccount and Login pages
- Updated: Some layout images to svg in Theme Options panel
- Updated: cross sells product layout to the default products layout
- Updated: FontAwesome to 5.14.0
- Updated: Compatibility with WPBakery 6.4.0

- Fixed: minor style issues on blog and single post pages when using dark skin
- Fixed: Products slider's height was changed at first load
- Fixed: some JavaScript issues in Theme Options panel
- Fixed: thumbnail slider navigation issue on single product page
- Fixed: an issue of posts without thumbnail in blog masonry style
Version 5.4.6 (9.16.2020)
+ Added: Google Map Elementor widget
+ Added: an option in speed optimize wizard to dequeue Gutenberg block css if it isn't used
+ Added: "Full Width" mega menu type in "Popup Position" field when creating mega menu
- Updated: Increased 5 page speed score in Google Page Speed
- Updated: product variation clear button style in single product page
- Fixed: appear animation effect not working well in owl carousel
- Fixed: Large display width compatibility issue with Elementor 3.x
- Fixed: Portfolio Ajax Modal issue when using 2 elements together
- Fixed: dual error alerts were displayed in single variable product page after clicking add to cart button without setting variations
- Fixed: Product order doesn't work when loading more products by ajax in Porto product elements
- Fixed: single product page title not accepting HTML
- Fixed: minor javascript warnings in admin.js
Version 5.4.5 (8.30.2020)
+ Added: Google Map Elementor widget
- Updated: Compatibility with Elementor 3
- Updated: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.4.1
Version 5.4.4 (8.24.2020)
+ Added: Google Map Elementor widget
+ Added: Portfolio categories Elementor widget
- Updated: Compatibility with WPBakery 6.2.0
- Updated: Compatibility with Elementor Pro
- Updated: reduced JavaScript rendering time to 50% in front-end
- Fixed: Elementor demo import not working when using WordPress 5.5 and Elementor 2.9.14
- Fixed: checking checkbox using js not working well in admin wizard
- Fixed: Porto Section scroll not working on Windows Touch pc
Version 5.4.3 (8.12.2020)
+ Added: IT Services demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
+ Added: Digital Agency 2 demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
+ Added: Digital Agency 2 Dark demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
+ Added: Shop 7 Elementor demo
+ Added: Shop 35 demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
+ Added: Shop 36 demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
+ Added: Construction 2 Elementor demo
+ Added: Business Consulting 2 Elementor demo
+ Added: Medical 2 Elementor demo
+ Added: SEO2 Elementor demo
+ Added: Agency One Page Elementor demo
+ Added: Digital Agency Elementor demo
+ Added: Barber Shop Elementor demo
+ Added: Band Elementor demo
+ Added: SASS Elementor demo
+ Added: Architecture & Interior Design Elementor demo
+ Added: Coffee Shop Elementor demo
+ Added: Education Elementor demo
+ Added: Hotel Elementor demo
+ Added: Restaurant Elementor demo
+ Added: Insurance Elementor demo
+ Added: Gym Elementor demo
+ Added: Porto Elementor Faqs widget
+ Added: a function to display sticky bottom nav bar on mobile
- Updated: Porto Shop 7 WPBakery demo
- Updated: Landing page
- Updated: newsletter popup of shop demos
- Updated: Porto Elementor Carousel widget by adding stage padding field
- Updated: Porto Products elements by adding filter by "All"
- Updated: Optimized Frontend Javascript rendering time .2s
- Fixed: role="alert" conflict issue between WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 in cart page
- Fixed: Yith Ajax reset filter button not working well in shop pages when there are no products
- Fixed: sidebar products filter not working well on IOS mobile
- Fixed: page scrolling issue of load more products on Google Chrome
Version 5.4.2 (7.29.2020)
+ Added: Porto Elementor Events widget
+ Added: Porto Elementor Fancy Text widget to display rotating words
+ Added: Porto Elementor Countdown timer widget
- Updated: Porto Elementor Info Box widget by adding usage of svg icon
- Updated: compatibility with WooCommerce 4.3.1
- Fixed: Image icon hover effect wasn't working in Porto Info box element
- Fixed: Bootstrap tooltip not working on magnific popup
- Fixed: Porto Studio blocks not displayed correctly when using Elementor and WPBakery page builders together
- Fixed: Home page revsliders of Architecture demo and Band demo not working well after import
- Fixed: minor js error in single variable product page when product image popup is disabled
- Fixed: HTML content wasn't rendering in the thank you message of Gravity Form
- Fixed: the ID field of WPBakery Column element was not working
- Fixed: compatibility with product archive builder of Elementor Pro
- Fixed: home page banner slider's layout issue in Elementor shop demo 13
- Fixed: Header wishlist count not refreshing after adding item to the wishlist or removing item from the wishlist
Version 5.4.1 (7.06.2020)
+ Added: Porto Elementor recent portfolios widget
+ Added: Porto Elementor Circular Bar widget
+ Added: font size, font weight, letter spacing, padding and extra class input fields for Porto WPBakery Button element
+ Added: a margin bottom field for Porto Elementor Counter widget
- Fixed: Image lazyload issue in Owl Carousel with infinite loop
- Fixed: some order by fields were not working for products, blog and portfolio elements
- Fixed: Porto popup menu type wasn't working on mobile for some header preset types
- Fixed: Elementor plugin compatibility issue after enabling pre order without activating WooCommerce plugin
- Fixed: Porto section scroll element's touch scrolling issue on large touch screens
- Fixed: some Elementor's widgets which are using JavaScript were not working when they were placed in a Porto block and it was placed in a page which wasn't edited using Elementor
- Fixed: Porto Elementor recent members widget's view type wasn't working
- Fixed: Porto Ultimate Carousel element wasn't working
- Fixed: Porto product categories Gutenberg block's grid view wasn't working well in Gutenberg editor
Version 5.4.0 (6.26.2020)
+ Added: Construction 2 demo
+ Added: Business Consulting 2 demo
+ Added: Medical 2 demo
+ Added: SEO 2 demo
+ Added: Elementor SEO demo
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 23
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 24
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 25
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 27
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 28
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 29
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 30
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 31
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 32
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 33
+ Added: Shop demo 34 (WPBakery and Elementor)
+ Added: a function to sort products by sales, date and rating for Porto featured products and Porto products elements
+ Added: a function to search for options in the Porto theme options panel
+ Added: a dots style field to change dots style for Porto elements which supports slider view
+ Added: a column spacing field for creative or masonry grid layout of Porto portfolios element
+ Added: a "Show Author Testimonial" theme option under Porto -> Theme Options -> Portfolio -> Portfolio Archives to display portfolio testimonials in portfolio archive page
+ Added: Elementor floating animation fields to column element, ultimate heading widget and button widget
+ Added: Elementor dialog widget to display dialog box
+ Added: Porto Elementor members, recent members and pricing table widgets

- Updated: the design of Porto Setup Wizard
- Updated: the design of Porto Speed Optimize panel
- Updated: the design of WPBakery Editor
- Updated: the design of Porto Theme Options panel
- Updated: the design of Porto admin pages
- Updated: full compatibility with WPBakery front-end editor
- Updated: increased loading speed 0.4s in Theme Options panel
- Updated: increased loading speed 1s in live theme options panel by compiling bootstrap css when only related options were changed and initalizing option control js when the panel is opened
- Updated: deprecated functions of WPML Multilingual CMS plugin to the new functions

- Fixed: minor style issues of some shop demos on IE 10 and 11
- Fixed: Porto -> Theme Options -> Post -> Post Carousel -> "Image Borders" not working fine
- Fixed: Mini cart not working fine on single product page when customer add the product to the cart, remove it from the mini cart and add to cart again
- Fixed: page isn't scrolling to the top of the products after clicking page numbers on the default pagination of Porto products elements
- Fixed: a php error in Elementor Custom Product Layout builder when php version is less than 7.2
- Fixed: porto block compatibility with Polylang and WPML
- Fixed: Google itatlic fonts were not included
- Fixed: RTL issues in WPBakery front-end editor
- Fixed: Porto blog link didn't appear on single post breadcrumb
- Fixed: Porto popup menu wasn't working well on mobile
Version 5.3.2 (5.13.2020)
+ Added: Elementor Column element options to use the column as a carousel
+ Added: Elementor Modal Dialog Box widget
+ Added: Elementor Sidebar Menu widget to display sidebar menu on the page
+ Added: Elementor Products Filter widget to display the select/list boxes to filter products by category, price or attributes
+ Added: dots style control for Elementor carousel element, blog, products and recent posts widgets
- Updated: Custom Product Layout builder to be compatible with Elementor
- Updated: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.1.0
- Updated: Porto setup wizard to display warning message when activating WPBakery and Elementor page builders together
- Updated: Revslider plugin to 6.2.2
- Fixed: minor js errors on IE 10 and 11
- Fixed: wrong page style issue when importing WPBakery or Gutenberg demo after importing Elementor demo
- Fixed: WPBakery demo importing issue when activating WPBakery and Elementor page builders together
Version 5.3.1 (4.29.2020)
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 8
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 9
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 10
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 11
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 12
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 13
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 14
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 15
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 16
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 17
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 18
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 19
+ Added: Elementor Shop demo 21
+ Added: Porto Elementor One Page Category products widget which is in
+ Added: "label" product attribute type to display short label instead of attribute title in variations
- Updated: "Porto Creative Grid" Elementor element to be compatible with the latest Elementor version
- Fixed: shop catalog mode was not working well
- Fixed: some style issues on old IOS mobile (Safari version < 9)
- Fixed: popup menu type was not scrolling on mobile
- Fixed: side menu's minor style issues for "Accordion", "Horizontal Slide" and "Horizontal Columns" menu types
- Fixed: quantity not working for ajax add to cart in shop pages
- Fixed: variable product's daily sale timer was not working properly
- Fixed: line break was not working in member's overview content
- Fixed: scrolling to top issue in product quickview whenever updating the variation on mobile
- Fixed: "Load more" pagination type was not working properply for Porto Elementor featured products widget
- Fixed: products infinite scroll issues in shop pages when displaying shortcode products together
- Fixed: Product Horizontal filters was not working well in the product category pages which were using different page layout than default shop page
Version 5.3.0 (4.12.2020)
+ Added: Elementor Classic Original demo
+ Added: Elementor Construction demo
+ Added: Elementor Shop 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 20, 22 and 26 demos
+ Added: Gutenberg Classic Original demo
+ Added: Gutenberg Shop 1, 2, 4 and 26 demos
+ Added: Pre-Order functionality to offer customers the chance to purchase the out of stock products and receive them only after they are officially on sale
+ Added: My Account and Wishlist Icon at the top of header side type
+ Added: a theme option under Woocommerce to display product price and add to cart for the selected user roles only
+ Added: My Account and Wishlist Icon elements to header builder
+ Added: a theme option under Skin -> Mini Cart to set the font size of minicart icon
+ Added: an option to hide breadcrumbs for Porto Page Header element
+ Added: Masonry Container, Heading, Button and Porto Section and Porto Product Categories Gutenberg Blocks
+ Added: Portfolio, Carousel, Banner, Creative Grid and Button Elementor widgets
+ Added: Parallax background for Elementor Section and Column elements
+ Added: Porto Studio compatibility with the Elementor page builder
+ Added: Porto Studio button at the bottom of Elementor editor

- Updated: Shop Demo 5
- Updated: Shop Demo 10
- Updated: Shop Demo 12
- Updated: Shop Demo 17
- Updated: Shop Demo 18
- Updated: Shop Demo 19
- Updated: Shop Demo 20
- Updated: documentation by adding articles of Elementor, Gutenberg, Pre-Order, Porto features, how to, demos and videos
- Updated: Interactive Banner Gutenberg block by adding layer

- Fixed: minor style issues of some elements on WPBakery Front-end editor
- Fixed: slash was not importing well when importing Porto Demo contents
- Fixed: 360 degree image viewer element was not working on small screens
- Fixed: Header style issues on Porto Documentation
Version 5.2.2 (3.12.2020)
+ Added: Porto Icons and Simple Line Icons in the Elementor Icon Library
+ Added: My Account and Wishlist Icon elements to header builder
- Updated: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0
- Fixed: Wishlist Page style issues on mobile
- Fixed: FontAwesome 5 icon class issue for Header Mini Cart
- Fixed: php errors for some Porto Elementor widgets
- Fixed: minor gutenberg editor style issues on WordPress 5.4
Version 5.2.1 (2.27.2020)
+ Added: ajax add to cart on quick view popup
+ Added: autoplay option for Porto Products and Porto Product Categories elements when using slider view
+ Added: layout and columns fields to Porto Product Reviews Widget element

- Updated: compatibility with WooCommerce 3.9.1
- Updated: compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder 6.1
- Updated: Custom product layout builder elements by adding product layout and style options to the related and upsells elements, and typography options to the title and price elements
- Updated: Reduced server response time for 50ms

- Fixed: the position issue of related products on single product page
- Fixed: side mobile menu not working well on Galaxy browser
- Fixed: compatibility issues with the latest Yith WooCommerce Wishlist plugin
- Fixed: orderby issue of Porto Product Categories element
- Fixed: categories on shop and categories page not showing when using skeleton screens
- Fixed: skeleton screen loading issue and select box style issue on ie
- Fixed: custom background and color not working when using custom style for button element
- Fixed: style issue of description on product in list shop page
Version 5.2.0 (12.26.2019)
+ Added: a theme option under "Header" to add custom mini cart icon class
+ Added: a letter spacing field for VC Custom Heading, Porto Ultimate Heading and Porto Info Box elements
+ Added: video banner function to Porto Interactive Banner element

- Updated: Shop 3 demo
- Updated: Shop 6 demo
- Updated: Shop 8 demo
- Updated: Shop 9 demo
- Updated: Shop 14 demo
- Updated: Shop 15 demo
- Updated: Shop 16 demo
- Updated: Shop category banners for some shop demos
- Updated: Porto Studio blocks for updated shop demos
- Updated: moved banner title and description field to "Depreciated" tab for Porto Interactive Banner element

- Fixed: wrong page title posittion issue of breadcrumb type 5 when showing page title only
- Fixed: select box's closing icon not displaying in theme options page when pixel ratio is greater than 1
- Fixed: layout issue for right side navigation
- Fixed: minor style issues for porto parent elements in Visual Composer Front end editor
Version 5.1.1 (11.20.2019)
- Updated: language files
- Fixed: minor style issues for WC Vendors plugin
- Fixed: product order was not working for Porto products elements when using product ids field
- Fixed: quantity input field style issue on single product page which uses custom product layout
- Fixed: Portfolios and members grid layout columns issue for devices using 1.5 pixel ratio
- Fixed: wrong message on woocommerce login form when generating username automatically
Version 5.1.0 (11.9.2019)
+ Added: Shop 32 Demo
+ Added: Shop 33 Demo
+ Added: custom product layout builder
+ Added: Elementor plugin compatibility
+ Added: skeleton screen effects on loading page and ajax loading. It can be enabled in Theme Options -> General.
+ Added: lazy load menu in Speed Optimize Wizard
+ Added: list display type for porto products filter element
+ Added: porto_sidebar_menu element to add sidebar menu to the page
+ Added: new blocks to Porto Studio for shop 32 and homepage revolution sliders
+ Added: a theme option under Theme Options -> Header -> Mobile Panel -> Add Search Box to add search in mobile panel
+ Added: a theme option under Theme Options -> Header -> Sticky Header -> Show Contact Info to show contact info in sticky header

- Updated: Shop 1 Demo
- Updated: Shop 2 Demo
- Updated: Shop 4 Demo
- Updated: Shop 11 Demo
- Updated: Shop 13 Demo
- Updated: lazy load background images
- Updated: options to enable sticky header for mobile and tablets only
- Updated: used transparent images for png on page loading when using lazy load images
- Updated: Porto Masonry Container element by adding predefined masonry layouts
- Updated: Porto Interactive Banner element by adding layers and more hover effects
- Updated: select box of masonry grid layout fields to images selector for some visual composer elements in editor
- Updated: some Porto Studio blocks for shop 1, 2, 4, 11 and 13 according to the updated design
- Updated: documentation by adding contents about custom product layout builder
- Updated: Woocommerce 3.8.0 compatibility

- Fixed: style issues for Porto Masonry Container and Interactive Banner element in Visual Composer frontend editor
- Fixed: some js warnings on Firefox
- Fixed: WooCommerce product page element not working fine
- Fixed: footer links not working when using footer reveal efffect
- Fixed: minor compatibility issues with WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin when using WPML Currency Switcher plugin together
- Fixed: Visual Composer shortcodes rendering issue on product quickview
- Fixed: Porto Tab element image not showing for some styles
- Fixed: Carousel elements not working well in Porto Tour element
- Fixed: minor mobile header style issues for shop demos
Version 5.0.1 (9.20.2019)
- Fixed: header type 2 sticky header style issue
- Fixed: standard image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large and medium_large) not working for image size field of porto recent posts and porto blog elements
- Fixed: column padding issue in Visual Composer front-end editor
- Fixed: main side navigation was not scrolling on iOS Safari
Version 5.0 (8.27.2019)
+ Added: Porto Studio in Page/Post edit page
+ Added: Corporate demo 15 ~ 20
+ Added: Portfolio demo 1 ~ 5
+ Added: Shop demo 21 ~ 31
+ Added: Insurance, Sass, Seo, Baber Shop, Architecture & Interior Design, Coffee Shop and Band demos
+ Added: a theme option to add top arrows to the sub menus under Theme Options -> Menu
+ Added: section scroll element to view full screen sections by scrolling and dots navigation
+ Added: step type to porto_schedule_timeline shortcode
+ Added: footer reveal effect theme option under Theme Options -> Footer
+ Added: font weight and css animation fields to Visual Composer Custom Heading element
+ Added: floating element options to Visual Composer Custom heading, Button and Image element.
+ Added: css3 animation fields to porto interactive banner element
+ Added: excerpt value theme option for Portfolio Sub Title option under Theme Options -> Portfolio
+ Added: porto_share element to share post
+ Added: 360 degree image viewer element
+ Added: image size field for porto product element
+ Added: a theme option to remove shop link in breadcrumbs
+ Added: a theme option to add porto block at bottom of single product page
+ Added: a theme option under Skin -> Theme Colors to update placeholder image background color when using lazy loading images
+ Added: a theme option under Woocommerce -> Single product to display the description of current selected attribute for variable products
+ Added: a theme option under Header -> Mobile Panel to display View, Currency switcher in mobile panel
+ Added: an availability to display a featured product in each category and carousel options to porto product categories element
+ Added: a theme option under Post -> Single Post to replace position of title and meta section for Large Alt and Full Alt post layout
+ Added: a custom css class input field for header builder html and porto block elements
+ Added: Popularity, Rating and Sales for Order by field of Porto Products elements
+ Added: Content Position field to porto ultimate content box element
+ Added: a theme option under Header -> Search Form to show/hide categories on mobile
+ Added: Porto products filter element to filter by product category, price and attributes

- Updated: Porto Fancy Text element by adding several animation effects
- Updated: compatibility with Dokan Lite multi vendor wordpress plugin
- Updated: mini cart toggle action on mobile
- Updated: demo import engine to be worked well when importing many demos
- Updated: Add to cart sticky by adding bottom position and quantity input field
- Updated: img tags for blog, portfolio, products and porto interactive banner element by adding srcset and sizes attributes to reduce total page size for mobile browsers
- Updated: documentation by adding how to use Porto Studio, page options, animations, floating effects and some elements 
- Updated: Porto Speed Optimize Wizard by adding disabling content types options in Other Minify section
- Updated: removed custom javascript section in posts/pages for none-administrators

- Fixed: color background issue of porto testimonial, tab, counter shortcodes
- Fixed: add to cart button style issue of overlay product on Firefox
- Fixed: toggle icons issue of product archive horizontal filter type 2 when using page layout with sidebar
- Fixed: vertical position issue of product quick view
- Fixed: sticky header's position changes when quickview popup is launched
- Fixed: Compatibility issues with Revslider6
- Fixed: custom term meta was not imported when importing demo
- Fixed: icon style issue on MailPoet 3 admin pages
- Fixed: pretty photo issue on Single Image element when using Image Gallery element together
- Fixed: style compatibility issues Yith WooCommerce Ajax Search plugin
Version 4.11.7 (7.22.2019)
- Updated: Compatibility with Visual Composer 6.0.4
- Updated: Revslider plugin to 6.0.4
- Updated: Woocommerce files to 3.7 beta version
- Fixed: the spacing issue between elements on visual composer front-end editor
Version 4.11.6 (6.26.2019)
- Fixed: main product image lightbox issue on single product page if we enable image/color swatches in product archives
- Fixed: minor style comflict issue with visual composer internal styles
- Fixed: breadcrumbs issue in Dokan store page
- Fixed: fontawesome icon issue in visual composer icon picker fields
- Fixed: Out of Stock status issue on shop pages when we translate this text
Version 4.11.5 (6.12.2019)
- Fixed: color background issue of porto testimonial, tab, counter shortcodes
- Updated: column gap in Visual Composer Row element by setting selected gap space only between columns
Version 4.11.4 (5.31.2019)
- Fixed: WooCommerce registration form issue when not generating an account password automatically
- Fixed: external link issue for Post Format Link
- Fixed: product custom tab content format issue
- Fixed: css3 animation effect conflict issue with Visual Composer plugin
Version 4.11.3 (5.17.2019)
+ Added: a theme option to check if excerpt length is based on words or characters under Theme Options -> Blog -> Blog & Post Archives
- Updated: Compatibility with WP Backery Page Builder plugin 6.0.1
- Fixed: Daily Sale countdown not working on product quick view
- Fixed: Cross sells issues
- Fixed: Secondary button active color issue
- Fixed: Header Builder mobile layout issue in admin page
Version 4.11.2 (4.23.2019)
- Updated: Woocommerce files to 4.6.1
- Fixed: Porto Experience Timeline Item was not edited in Visual Composer Front-end Editor
- Fixed: Woocommerce 3.6 deprecated issues
- Fixed: Image title of variable product was not displayed on image popup
- Fixed: style issue of product title section of real estate demo on Firefox
- Fixed: products widget title issue on WooCommerce 3.6
- Fixed: default product variation was not selected on quick view
Version 4.11.1 (4.19.2019)
- Updated: Woocommerce files to 4.6.1
- Fixed: WooCommerce YITH wishlist plugin shortcode letters was showing for "Add to Cart, Quick View On Image with Padding" product layout when WooCommerce YITH wishlist plugin was not activated
- Fixed: pagination issue on Faqs page
- Fixed: pagination issue on Events page
- Fixed: product thumbnails border style issue in single product page on mobile browsers
- Fixed: 403 issue in shop ajax actions such as removing item from mini cart and quickview when using page cache plugins
Version 4.11 (3.28.2019)
+ Added: 5 blog demos
+ Added: "AutoFit" option to the porto_sticky shortcode which is to add smart sticky
+ Added: Overlay Search Popup style under Theme Options -> Header -> Search Form
+ Added: Horizontal Columns vertical menu style under Theme Options -> Menu -> Sidebar Menu Type
- Updated: porto_blog shortcode by adding more blog layout and post styles
- Updated: blog posts shortcode page in elements demo by adding more layouts
- Fixed: menu dropdown issue on ipad / iphone
- Fixed: woocommerce privacy content issue on checkout page
- Fixed: top links style issue in header top
Version 4.10 (3.21.2019)
+ Added: product layouts in shop pages into the elements demo
+ Added: product category layouts sample page in elements demo
+ Added: theme options to change colors of add to cart button, wishlist and quick view under Theme Options -> Skin -> Shop
+ Added: theme options to show/hide product price, categories, reviews and short description under Theme Options -> Woocommerce -> Product Archives
- Updated: site padding left and right to the column spacing width as set in theme options for wide layouts
- Updated: product layouts in shop pages
- Updated: porto_products and porto_product_categories elements by adding more views such as creative view, product layouts, image size and slider options.
- Updated: shop 16 header using header builder
- Updated: shop 17 header using header builder
- Updated: agency one page demo header using header builder
- Updated: porto_onepage_product_category shortcode by adding slider navigation options
- Updated: shop 3 demo design
- Updated: shop 10 homepage design
- Updated: shop 19 homepage banner slider
- Updated: enable shortcodes in product short description section
- Removed: quick view color options in Theme Options -> Skin -> Shop
- Fixed: Added to cart popup position issue after adding product to cart
- Fixed: Porto Accordion Section ID was not working
- Fixed: Video Code section issue in post settings meta box
- Fixed: html tags was printed purely in login popup error message
- Fixed: product gallery style issue in Full Width single product layout
- Fixed: Custom Tab HTML section was not working in single product settings meta box
Version 4.9.7 (3.5.2019)
- Updated: font awesome 5 optimized version by adding fa-caret-down icon
- Fixed: product category meta box issue
- Fixed: Blog Banner options issue under Theme Options -> Post -> Blog
- Fixed: Custom tab content in single product admin page was not saving
Version 4.9.6 (3.1.2019)
- Updated: Porto functionality plugin by moving meta box related files from Porto theme
- Updated: Capitalized all constants defined using 'define' 
- Updated: styles for some Gutenberg core blocks
- Updated: removed prefixes for third party Javascript libraries when registering them
- Fixed: image selection issue on Swatches tab of product admin page
- Fixed: Grid style issue on Event archive pages
- Fixed: Post Meta Date issue on blog pages which has 'Medium Alt' style
- Fixed: Event Link was not working on single event page
Version 4.9.5 (2.27.2019)
- Updated: google page speed on mobile browsers
- Updated: FontAwesome to 5.7
- Updated: display error message on failure of theme update
- Updated: button element page
- Fixed: product image issue on wishlist page
- Fixed: Google rich snippets issue on single product pages
- Fixed: Grid columns issue on post categories admin page
- Fixed: infinite loop issue of Porto recent members element on mobile browsers
- Fixed: quantity input field issue for out of stock product
Version 4.9.4 (2.21.2019)
- Updated: Woocommerce files to 3.5.5
Version 4.9.3 (2.18.2019)
- Updated WPBakery Page Builder plugin to 5.7
- Fixed an issue when publishing header builder options after changing header type or preset
- Fixed a theme option issue that Theme Options -> Member -> Member Archives -> Hover Image was not working
- Fixed an issue that iframe code was cleared in "Video & Audio Embed Code or Content" field of Post options meta box in backend
- Fixed: Advanced style option of Porto Members element was not working properly
- Fixed: Skin Options -> Header -> Background Color in Page/Post was not working
- Fixed: hover effect in Porto Info box element was not working
- Fixed: Porto Events elements was not working
- Fixed: php warnings in style.php and style-internal.php
- Fixed: category banner issue of Porto One Page Category element
Version 4.9.2 (2.1.2019)
- Updated 'porto_ct_master_sliders' and 'porto_ct_rev_sliders' functions to return empty if slider plugins are not installed
- Updated corporate14 home page revslider on small desktop
- Updated button shortcode page
- Fixed a search issue in Theme Options -> Skin -> Custom CSS and Javascript section
- Fixed Google Webfont Loader issue on Theme Options panel
- Fixed php warnings at first theme activation
- Fixed a style issue on post advanced share
Version 4.9.1 (1.22.2019)
+ Satisfied Envato Wordpress Theme requirements
+ Added arrow button style
- Updated Woocommerce files to 3.5.4
- Fixed full width mega menu position issue
- Fixed search page style issue when using masonry layout
- Fixed sticky sidebar position issue on the page which has dynamic sized contents
- Fixed porto one page category products shortcode issue on multi language site
- Fixed the product attributes issue in Porto Product Attribute element
- Fixed social links position issue on single member page
- Fixed an issue that porto logo is displaying in the footer until saving theme options
- Fixed wide page layout issue
- Fixed testimonial style 6 issue
Version 4.9 (1.3.2019)
+ Added new corporate 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 demos
+ Added live search
+ Added a new breadcrumb type
+ Added woocommerce alert style
+ Added a page option to change breadcrumb type
+ Added a new dots position option to show carousel dots beside carousel title for porto carousel and porto recent posts shortcode
+ Added css3 animation fields for visual composer image, porto fancy text, porto info box and porto advanced button shortcodes
+ Added zoomIn and maskUp css3 animation for animation type fields of shortcodes
+ Added new navigation types for carousel shortcodes
+ Added "grid images" for post media type
+ Added left & right sidebar layout
+ Added grid blog post layout
+ Added link and quote post format
+ Added pagination to porto blog shortcode
+ Added new grid css classes to support 5 columns
+ Added portfolio filters styles for portfolio archive page and shortcode
+ Added image size field to porto portfolios and porto recent portfolios shortcodes
+ Added orderby and order field for porto portfolio and blog shortcodes
+ Added advanced style for porto members shortcode
+ Added porto page header shortcode to replace default page header and add some customizations
+ Added a theme option to set header top font size
+ Added theme options to select search box type and mini cart type
+ Added "Top Border on hover" and "Bottom Border on hover" theme option values for Menu -> Main Menu Type
+ Added a theme option to add header main top border
+ Added classic style for porto price box shortcode
+ Added a "Post Author with photo" view type to porto recent posts shortcode
+ Added side header options under Theme options -> Header -> Side Header
+ Added "Side Menu Type" options under Theme options -> Menu
+ Added an option to add gradient border color for porto ultimate content box shortcode
+ Added a separator element to header builder
+ Added sticky add to cart section in single product page
+ Added a field to add css3 animation to the portfolio contents for porto portfolios shortcode
+ Added an excerpt length field to porto blog shortcode
- Updated Page builder by adding presets and side header layouts
- Updated Classic demos and Digital Agency demo
- Updated document style
- Updated header and navigation variations according to new html version
- Updated Elements page by updating page style and adding missing elements
- Updated header type 10
- Updated testimonial, member, accordion, schedule timeline shortcodes
- Updated owl carousel jquery plugin to 2.3.4
- Updated revolution slider optimize section in speed optimize wizard
- Updated "Theme Options -> Skin -> Main Menu -> Wrapper Padding" with "Skin -> Header -> Sticky Header -> Padding" 
- Updated row element by adding "No space between columns?" field to remove space between columns in a row
- Updated theme options import/export function to import and export header builder settings together
- Fixed the mini cart and search box layout issues when changing header types by setting related options
- Fixed css3 animation effect issue of visual composer custom heading and separator shortcodes
- Fixed custom text color issue of progress bar shortcode
- Fixed some elements' style issue in the tabs and toggles
- Fixed image lazyload issue after isotope filtered
- Fixed an issue of load more function of porto portfolio shortcode when using timeline layout
- Fixed border radius and padding issue of porto advanced button shortcode
- Fixed rtl css compile issue
- Fixed an issue which daily sale schedule was not working for variable products
- Fixed an issue which porto block in the menu was not showing on mobile menu
- Fixed an issue of "get_{$adjacent}_post_..." filters in /inc/functions/woocommerce.php
- Fixed an issue that "JS Code before " theme option was not working
- Fixed icon style issue in Visual Composer Front end editor when using optimized shortcodes
- Fixed license activation issue for some customers using Plesk panel(windows server).
Version 4.8.5 (11.30.2018)
- Fixed some elements' style issue in the tabs and toggles
- Fixed an issue that mini cart was not clickable on mobile
- Fixed an issue that shop pages not working when inserting posts shortcodes in product's short description
Version 4.8.4 (11.28.2018)
+ Added 10+ Gutenberg blocks
- Updated: Compatibility with Wordpress 5.0
- Updated: WPBakery Page builder plugin to 5.6
- Updated: language files
- Updated: Porto Functionality plugin to 1.2.0
- Fixed a style issue in single product pages which use full width product layout
- Fixed an issue of image color swatch after ajax load
- Fixed sticky header background image issue
- Fixed mobile menu issue of header type 19 ( shop 20 )
- Fixed header height issue when using sticky header
- Fixed a facebook sharing issue on mobile browsers
- Fixed quantity input issue on shop pages
Version 4.8.3 (11.5.2018)
- Fixed php notice in inc/plugins/importer/porto-parsers.php
- Fixed background image issue for some shortcodes
- Fixed errors in W3C CSS Validator
- Fixed banner style issue on boxed layout
- Fixed an issue which tooltips were not displayed in live options panel
Version 4.8.2 (11.4.2018)
- Fixed a woocommerce variable product issue when saving color attribute in the back-end product edit page
Version 4.8.1 (11.2.2018)
+ Added availability to switch into original theme options panel. You can use both new live panel and original panel as your choice.
- Updated porto functionality plugin to 1.1.4
- Fixed php warning in style-internal.php
Version 4.8 (11.1.2018)
+ Added header builder under Theme Options -> Header
+ Added new spinner to all shop home page sliders by replacing with original one
+ Splitted Theme options into wordpress customizer options with selective refresh functions and advanced options
+ Added theme options to edit header top and header height
+ Added a theme option to edit padding top and bottom of header main columns under Theme Options -> Skin -> Header
+ Added a theme option under Theme Options -> SEO to add rel="nofollow" to mobile menu items
+ Added orderby and order theme option under Theme Options -> Faqs
+ Added a theme option to change placeholder of header search form under Theme Options -> Header -> Search Form
- Updated woocommerce files by removing depreciated functions
- Updated woocommerce to the latest version 3.5.1
- Updated dynamic style generator by removing less compiler
- Updated shop 18 home page slider star icon turning and mini cart icon
- Updated product columns theme options to slider type
- Updated porto owl carousel to be displayed well on page load
- Updated 'porto_meta_layout' filter to get page layout and sidebar name together and removed 'porto_meta_sidebar' function
- Updated jQuery scrollbar plugin to the latest version 0.2.10
- Updated single product page layout on tablet
- Updated header style of classic one page demo
- Updated the action of mini cart toggle on mobile
- Updated speed optimize wizard by deselecting recommended optimization plugins by default
- Updated visual composer to 5.5.5
- Removed Text Logo
- Fixed mini cart scrollbar issue on IE & Edge
- Fixed a fixed header view issue when using Theme options -> Header -> Header View -> Fixed option
- Fixed porto feature box shortcode color skin issue
- Fixed a style issue when using feature box shortcode style 1, 3 and 6
- Fixed a font awesome icon issue in porto icon box shortcodes which "Font Awesome icon new in 4.7" category is empty
- Fixed header type 17 search box issue
- Fixed breadcrumbs type 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 issues
- Fixed a banner style issue in shop horizontal filter type 1 for shop 5 and shop 8 demo
- Fixed a infinite scrolling issue on faq pages
Version 4.7.3 (10.27.2018)
- Updated Woocommerce template files to the latest version 3.5
Version 4.7.2 (10.12.2018)
- Updated single product page layout on tablet
- Fixed php warnings in the following theme files
    1. header/header_19.php
    2. inc/functions/general.php
    3. inc/functions/layout.php
    4. inc/lib/infinite-scroll/infinite-scroll.php
- Fixed star rating style issue on IE browsers
- Fixed skin.css compile error when leaving empty values for some colors in theme options
- Fixed shop archive page horizontal style issue on resize
- Fixed issues on Google Structured Data testing Tool
- Fixed a gravity form plugin compatibility issue after submitting ajax form
- Fixed an issue in product quick view on variable product which has more than 30 variations
Version (9.24.2018)
- Fixed theme options compiling issue when giving empty value for Theme Options -> Skin -> Footer -> Ribbon Background Color
Version 4.7.1 (9.13.2018)
- Updated theme options to add font control section again
- Updated site to wide width on tablet and mobile browsers ( <= 991px )
- Fixed css compile error when using empty value for header top background color in theme options
Version 4.7 (9.12.2018)
+ Added shop 20 demo
+ Added a secondary menu in header type 19 to be located at the right of main header
+ Added google webfont loader under Theme Options -> Skin -> Typography
+ Added post url link for post image
+ Added image swatch feature for shop and product pages
+ Added an option to add image size for product categories shortcode
+ Added a porto attribute filter shortcode to show product attribute filters in not only shop but all pages
+ Added a fall back font for body and menu
+ Added quantity input in shop pages to add multiple items to the cart
+ Added newsletter popup in the homepages of all shop demos
- Updated redux core to the latest version
- Updated visual composer plugin to the latest version(5.5.4)
- Updated change log admin page
- Updated document
- Updated main menu items of shop page demos
- Updated close icon in popups
- Updated product attributes section for variable product to display all attributes and make unavailable attributes to disable
- Updated compatibility issues for multi vendor plugins
- Updated product columns in archive pages on tablet ( >= 576px and <=767px )
- Updated site to wide width on tablet and mobile browsers ( WooCommerce->Single Product->Tabs Position option
- Fixed an php warning in porto_stat_counter shortcode
Version 4.6.2 (8.20.2018)
+ Added a theme option to disable login popup under Theme Options -> Woocommerce
- Updated filtering button style of product horizontal filter type 1
- Fixed shop category page style issue on pad
- Fixed sticky sidebar issue on ipad
- Fixed shop 16 home page parallax issue on ipad
- Fixed image border issue on single product pages
- Fixed a product loading issue after sorting the products on product archive pages when using infinite scroll or load more
- Fixed php warnings in /woocommerce/loop/pagination.php and /inc/lib/infinite-scroll/infinite-scoll.php
Version 4.6.1 (8.13.2018)
- Fixed login popup issue on mobile browser
- Fixed style issue of horizontal filter type 1
Version 4.6 (8.10.2018)
+ Added shop 18 and 19 demo
+ Added Login popup
+ Added a page which displays header types in all shop demos
+ Added HTML Blocks theme options under Theme Options -> General to add custom html blocks throughout the pages
+ Added a porto_one_page_category_products shortcode to display one page navigation of product categories and products by category.
+ Added a theme options to change the top level text color and background color on hover
- Updated documentation (Theme and Plugin update, Speed Optimize Wizard)
- Updated bootstrap to the latest version 4.1.3
- Updated woocommerce files to the latest version 3.4.4
- Updated speed optimize wizard by adding some recommended optimization guides at the last page
- Updated horizontal filter type 1
- Updated porto_portfolios shortcode masonry layout to use small images for large columns
- Updated the style of mega menu which has more than 1 row
- Updated porto products shortcode to add pagination and category filter
- Updated porto_carousel_logo shortcode to add width and height attribute to the img tag
- Updated sticky logo and main menu top link color in sticky header to be worked for all header types
- Updated mini cart skin theme options in sticky header to be worked for all header types
- Updated shortcodes which using custom fonts to be able to select google fonts
- Updated shop 11 mini cart icon
- Fixed the style issues of sub pages of resume demo
- Fixed Instagram shortcodes issue of gym demo
- Fixed W3C compatibility issues
- Fixed a box shadow issue of porto ultimate content box shortcode
- Fixed a select box issue in shop pages on firefox browser
- Fixed a text color issue of porto section shortcode and porto section row
- Fixed a style issue of vc_row which has full width content in rtl version
- Fixed an issue of portfolio images light box in ajax on page
- Fixed an issue that porto_google_map shortcode wasn't working in porto block
- Fixed rtl issues of business demos
Version 4.5 (7.14.2018)
- added education and shop17 demo
- added speed optimization wizard under Porto panel
   1) added shortcodes optimizer which allows to include used shortcodes only
   2) added lazyload and other optimization settings
- added timer unit font weight field to porto countdown shortcode
- added 'Default' style in button shortcode
- added "load more" option for shop archive pages
- added an theme option for top level menu item color in Theme Options -> Skin -> Mobile Menu
- added header view theme option to set fixed header in Theme Options -> Header
- added a function to display notification message to see changelog when new theme version is released
- added animation fields to porto headings shortcode
- optimized custom css for shop demos
- updated infinite scroll library in backend
- updated mobile version of all demos
- updated shop 10 to use horizontal 2 style in shop page
- updated wide grid product type to centered vertical zoom by reducing container width
- updated porto countdown shortcode style issue at the first time load
- updated thumbnail image size of portfolio page on mobile
- updated post comment style on mobile
- updated main menu padding theme option to be used for all header types
- updated rtl demo to be displayed in rtl
- updated header type 12 and 13
- updated revolution slider plugin to the latest version 5.4.8
- updated visual composer plugin to the latest version 5.5.2
- rearranged header type in Theme Options -> Header
- moved plugins and demo import files to online
- reduced sidebar width to 20 percent in wide layout in large display (>= 1500px)
- removed unused header related css code
- removed minicart theme options
- removed menu popup effect in theme options
- removed unused search form related css code according to header type
- removed view currency menu popup effect in theme options
- fixed logo style issue of photography 1 demo on mobile
- fixed menu style issue of photography 3 demo on mobile
- fixed button style issue in wishlist page
- fixed porto countdown shortcode text font and line height issue
- fixed an issue of lazy load images on carousel
- fixed portfolio full layout style issue on wide width layout
- fixed style issues when editing page using visual composer front end editor
- fixed variable product description and price issue when using same prices
- fixed an issue of mobile sidebar on mobile in shop demos
Version 4.4.5 (6.8.2018)
- Updated visual composer to the latest version(5.5)
- Updated woocommerce to the latest version(4.4.2)
- Fixed style issues when editing page using visual composer front end editor
- Fixed variable product description and price issue when using same prices
- Fixed an issue of lazy load images on carousel
- Fixed an date style issue in woocommerce blog page
Version 4.4.4 (6.8.2018)
- Fixed product_page woocommerce shortcode issue
- Fixed product extend layout style issue
- Fixed shop demo 10' search box style issue on Firefox
- Updated revolution slider plugin to the latest version(
Version 4.4.3 (5.29.2018)
- Updated woocommece files to the latest version (3.4)
- Fixed home page style issue of hotel demo after importing
- Fixed header social icon style issue when using child theme
Version 4.4.2 (5.22.2018)
- Fixed sticky sidebar issue
- Fixed boxed layout style issue
- Fixed custom attribute issue in variable product
- Fixed demo importer issue when import demos multiple times
- Fixed law-firm style issue after importing demo
Version 4.4.1 (5.18.2018)
- Fixed RTL issue in mobile responsive mode
- Fixed search box style issue on Safari and IE
- Fixed header style issue of shop 1 and shop 2 demo on small display ( between 991px and 1200px)
- Updated theme activation
- Updated setup wizard, you can now go to any steps without passing previous steps
- Updated minor admin panel organization, in headers
- Added description text for lazyload option of porto interactive banner shortcode in backend
- Added stock status in product detail page
- Removed Demo Import, Plugins page in Porto panels, you can use those features through Setup Wizard
Version 4.4.0 (5.14.2018)
- Added theme setup wizard 1.0
- Added theme activation
- Added rtl version for shop demos
- Added "alt" tag for all images in the theme
- Added "Minify CSS" option in Theme options -> Speed Optimize
- Added "Select Visual Composer shortcodes to remove" option in theme options -> Speed Optimize to remove unused vc shortcodes
- Optimized theme js files to use seperate version for woocommerce sites
- Optimized admin theme options panel to use lazy loading images
- Replaced newsletter form to use contact form plugin in demo sites
- Updated porto functionality plugin
- Updated sticky sidebar function
- Updated demo importer engine to import clean demos
- Updated languages files
- Updated documentation
- Removed codemirror js in the backend pages
- Removed "Minfiy CSS" option in Skin and Skin -> Layout and in Theme options
- Removed unused minor styles to decrease file size
- Removed sticky sidebar options for individual pages
- Fixed revslider import issue of business consulting demo
- Fixed style issue of porto timeline shortcode
Version 4.3.1 (5.1.2018)
- Fixed header contact style issue of coporate3 demo
- Fixed "Days" translation issue of daily deal product on shop pages
- Fixed woocommerce product attribute issue when adding color attribute
- Fixed widget style issue on sidebar of woocommerce pages
- Fixed an issue of product list mode of shop 8
- Fixed product_page shortcode
- Fixed an issue of row element which has divider icon and parallax image
- Updated backend demo import page to show message for alternative import mode
- Updated visual composer plugin to 5.4.7
Version 4.3.0 (4.16.2018)
- Added Real Estate demo
- Added "woocommerce post layout" in blog and single post of theme options to use updated blog page style for shop demo's blog pages
- Added "simple layout" in post->post carousel of theme options
- Added shop horiontal filters for shop archive pages
- Added infinite scroll for shop pages
- Added 'portfolio-thumbnail' image size
- Added phone number field in member
- Added excerpt and custom fields in portfolio
- Added a theme option to show content section of related portfolios
- Added image size in porto carousel item shortcode
- Added "lazyload images" option in Speed Optimize of theme options
- Added an admin function to display error message when there is file permission issues in theme css directories
- Added "image size" field for product images shortcodes
- Added new product style for sale products which have end time
- Added "shop product columns on mobile" option in theme options
- Updated loading icon in infinite scroll
- Updated mega menu style
- Updated importer engine
added standard importer engine to increase importing speed
fixed issues which occur when importing more than 1 demos
- Updated product ajax search to remove old products after ajax loading
- Updated: used same sidebar in both of mobile and display
- Updated loading overlay icon
- Updated a "variation selection mode" option in "Woocommerce->Single Product" to "select box" by default
- Fixed an issue which woocommerce related products count not working
- Fixed app landing home page which only center part was displayed at first
- Fixed breadcrumb style issue in tag pages
- Fixed col-half-section style issue on tablet
- Fixed: removed duplicated product id and sku in add to cart button in shop archive pages
- Fixed the issue that "show nav on hover" option was not working on post type carousels
- Fixed an error that parallax which has carousel in it was not working
- Fixed button style issue in ABOUT THE EVENT section of Event demo
- Fixed loading icon issue in add to wishlist button
- Fixed an issue which product name was not displaying well on woocommerce variable product button mode
- Fixed a style issue of shop products list view on mobile browsers
- Fixed an issue which shipping calculator not working on cart page
- Fixed rtl issue on shop archive page
- Fixed woocommerce ajax product attribute filter issue when it is dispayed as dropdown
- Fixed woocommerce product border issue on single product page
- Fixed sidebar position issue when updating from 3.x to 4.x version
- Removed "tabs type " option in single product
- Removed "tabs style " option in single product
- Removed "Page Sub Title" option in Portfolio->Portfolio Archives
Version 4.2.0 (2.21.2018)
- Updated shop demo 3, 9, 10, 11 and 12
- Updated woocommerce files to be compatible with 3.3.1
- Updated woocmmerce template files which were displayed in a line
- Fixed font subset issue in theme options
- Fixed bootstrap grid issue on Safari browser
+ Added search bar on mobile
- Fixed image size issue of related posts shortcode
- Fixed font weight issue of porto  counter shortcode
- Fixed breadcrumb container width issue on wide layout
- Fixed an issue in including visual composer css file
- Fixed mini cart scrollbar issue on Firefox
Version 4.1.5 (2.2.2018)
updated demo shop 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 and 16
- Updated woocommerce files to latest version 3.3.0
- Updated porto functionality plugin to 1.0.4
- Updated container max width theme option to input any screen width
- Updated porto interactive banner shortcode
- Updated header 8 to add header contact information
- Added lazyload function in porto interactive banner shortcode
- Added theme options to select fonts for paragraph, footer and footer heading under Skin->Typography.
- Added product columns on mobile in theme options
- Added a theme option to check to display border on product images
- Added 'porto-standable-carousel' css class to display porto carousel to be displayed on page load
- Added variation display mode in theme options
wrap functions in function_exists condition in /inc/functions/post.php
- Fixed shop products style issue on mobile
- Fixed shop quick view on mobile
- Fixed search box issue 
- Fixed star rating style issue on several product styles
- Fixed quick view and wishlist icon issue on IE browser
- Fixed cross-sell style issue
Version 4.1.4 (1.15.2018)
- Fixed font url issue from 4.1 version
- Fixed Navigation Tabs shortcode style issue on mobile
- Fixed shop products columns issue on mobile
Version 4.1.3 (1.11.2018)
- Fixed "display:flex" does not work in safari, IE 10 issue.
Version 4.1.2 (12.30.2017)
- Fixed the issue which custom font was not working in porto functionality plugin
- Fixed visual composer row element which has container and didn't work well on mobile
- Fixed star rating style issue
- Updated theme option name of custom fonts so you should select custom fonts again in theme options if you used them
- Added border to product slider image in product single page
Version 4.1.1 (12.27.2017)
- Fixed the issue which custom font was not working
- Fixed searchform style issue on large mobile
- Fixed member page column issue on mobile
- Fixed portfolios column issue on mobile
- Fixed products column issue on mobile
- Fixed the rtl version compile function
- Fixed an issue which mini cart didn't work on iPhone
Version 4.1 (12.22.2017)
- Updated bootstrap to version 4
- Updated Porto functionality plugin to be compatible with bootstrap 4
- Removed Default css compilation section in theme options
- Added Theme Optimzation section in theme options which is to include optimized css/js files of used plugins such as bootstrap, visual composer, font awesome and revolution slider to increase page speed
- Added a theme option to remove revslider js in the page which hasn't it
- Updated backend porto panel
- Updated demo installation section to import revolution sliders too
- Added compatible plugin section in demo installation page
- Added a page option to check to display product hover image
- Added a page option to display sidebar in navigation on mobile
- Fixed an error which some visual composer elements were not searched.
- Fixed an issue of portfolio ajax popup and ajax modal
- Fixed minor style issues in digita agency work page
- Fixed an image loading issue in Portfolio->Full Images page
- Fixed tabs shortcode style issue
- Fixed portfolio ajax pagination
- Updated documentation
Version 4.0.5 (11.13.2017)
- Fixed an issue of mobile toggle icon width
- Fixed fontawesome icon display issue on page loading
- Added mobile sidebar menu option in theme options page
- Updated documentation
Version 4.0.4 (11.7.2017)
- Fixed importer issue
- Fixed shortcodespage import issue
- Fixed interactive banner shortcode to work with url link
- Fixed gym Home page >> "Our Facility" on "Porto carousel" button "LEARN MORE" doesn't have link
- Fixed photography3 sidebar menu 3rd level
- Fixed photography1 import issue
- Updated porto preview image shortcode
- Updated image lazy load to jQuery lazyload plugin
Version 4.0.3 (11.3.2017)
- Fixed the position of newsletter submit button in rtl version
- Fixed minicart triangle icon position on sticky header in shop5
- Added mobile menu options in theme options
- Added mobile menu style option in theme options
- Added "columns on mobile" option to woocommerce products shortcodes
- Added fullscreen option to porto carousel shortcode
- Added products-slider-title css class to woo products slider shortcodes to fix the position of nav butons
- Added gmap api key option in theme options
- Added envato toolkit plugin
- Updated homepage revslider to owl carousel in shop1, shop5, shop6 demo
- Updated Visual Composer to latest version
- Updated Woocommerce to latest version
- Updated for Envato Toolkit plugin
- Removed mobile sidebar option in theme options
- Removed hover effect on language selector in shop5
Version 4.0.2 (10.11.2017)
- Fixed: warning of porto functionality plugin
- Fixed: an issue which portfolio image thumbnail's resize icon was not working
- Fixed: an issue of category selection in Porto Product Category VC element
- Updated: Porto Recent Portfolio Widget 
- Updated: porto plugins page to display more plugins fully compatible with Porto in backend
- Added: error message if porto content types, porto shortcodes and porto widgets plugins are activated in backend
- Added: "override existing contents" options in demo importer.
If you check this options before importing, this will remove duplicated posts(posts, pages, attachments, etc) which has same IDs and import new posts so that your new demo import can show correct content.
Version 4.0.1 (10.6.2017)
- Added: compatibility with woocommerce 3.2
- Fixed: warning issue appears on Porto Functionality plugin
- Fixed: page breaking issue on Demo 7
- Fixed: page breaking issue on Demo 13
Version 4.0 (10.1.2017)
- Added:  necessary shortcodes to replace Visual Composer Ultimate AddOn feature
"porto_icon", "porto_ultimate_heading", "porto_info_box", "porto_stat_counter", "porto_buttons", "porto_ultimate_content_box", "porto_google_map", "porto_icons", "porto_single_icon", "porto_countdown", "porto_ultimate_carousel", "porto_fancytext", "porto_modal", "porto_carousel_logo", "porto_info_list", "porto_info_list_item", "porto_interactive_banner"
- Added: "portfolio show content" option in "portfolio -> portfolio archives" in theme admin option
It determines to show only picture or description as well.
- Added: "Show WPML Language Switcher HTML", "Show WPML Currency Switcher HTML" option in "Header -> View, Currency Switcher" in theme option
- Updated: Merged 3 Porto plugins "Porto Shortcodes", "Porto Widget", "Porto Content Types" into "Porto Functionality"
- Updated: Removed Visual Composer Ultimate AddOn
- Updated: Removed Theme license code activation feature
- Updated: Visual Composer plugin to latest version
- Updated: Revolution Slider Plugin to latesst version
- Updated: Included latest version of Visual Composer Ultimate AddOn plugin inside theme package for old version users
- Updated: Highly optimized Visual composer and Revolution Slider plugin's js and css files
- Updated: Improved theme installation engine - much faster and works fine on any level of hosting server even on shared hostings
- Updated: Improved all demo designs, much clean and beautiful than previous version
- Updated: documentation
- Fixed: issue on installation process, (blog pages were unable to be selected and category count was not refreshed"
- Fixed: Fixed and improved feature of post like
- Fixed: issue that occurs when try to update fields for portfolio grid item short code

Header Builder

In Porto 6.0, templates builder is newly added to create and modify the whole site including header dynamically using page builders. You can build the header dynamically in any layout using templates builder. After you create header, you need to set display condition where you want to display and select “Header Builder in Porto Templates builder” in Porto -> Theme Options -> Header -> Header Type -> Select Header to display it.

Footer Builder

In Porto 6.0, templates builder is newly added to create and modify the whole site including footer dynamically using page builders. With Porto footer builder, You can build the footer dynamically in any layout. After you create footer, you need to set display condition where you want to display and select “Footer Builder in Porto Templates builder” in Porto. And you are now limited more by your imagination than anything else.

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