Porto Popup

We provide easy but powerful ways to build popup. There are two ways to build your popup, namely Using Template Builder and Using Modal Box Element.

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How To Build Your Popup With Template Builder

There are 3 steps to build your own popup. Each step is very easy and simple, so you can create the popup template without any knowledge of CSS or other coding skills.

01. Start With Template Wizard

The first step is to create the popup template in Templates Builder. Please create new popup block and give specific name on it and then save it.

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02. Build With Page Builder

Once you have created the popup template, you can start building your own template by using page builder. As along, you can also control popup settings in Layout Options panel.

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03. Display Popup Anywhere

When you have done, the popup template can be displayed on any page or posts as you want, using display condition in that page settings. You can use Popup Builder for Any Page option in Porto Page Layouts to set display conditions either.

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Porto Modal Box Element Features

You have alternate choice for building your popup like Using Porto Modal Box element.

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Element Options

Porto provides you necessary options for building your popup. These options lead you to make awesome popup.

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Popup Animation

This option allows you to add awesome appear animations to your popup.
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Popup Width

This option allows you to set width of popup template.
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Popup Load Time

This option allows you to determine the popup load time properly.