What's New

Porto Version 6.9 Updated!

The Porto 6.9.0 improves the UX design for user-friendly and offers full compatibility with several plugins.

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Better User Experience

Improved UX design of theme options and metaboxes

With its intuitive visual interface, users can easily navigate through various options and settings, making it easier to customize their website's look and feel. Whether you're a beginner or professional, Porto theme is designed to simplify the website customization process and improve your overall experience.

User Friendly

Archive, Single Builder, Single Product Builder, Shop Builder

Porto Template Builders

Fixed Issues, Simplified Builder and Theme Options Interaction

Addressed several issues and streamlines the interaction between the builder, theme options and metaboxes.

Toolset Plugin Compatibility

Porto offers full compatibility with the Toolset plugin for building custom content templates.

AMP Plugin Compatibility

Porto integrates beautifully with AMP - (Accelerated Mobile Pages) AMP allows loading web pages faster on mobile devices than their usual speed.

Perfection comes from the small details

We are always looking for improvements, whether they come support request or suggestions from our clients to improve our theme in terms of usability and features. We constantly try to focus on the details and make sure no bugs will be found.

Porto Template Builders

New Features

  • New: Customization Service Page for P-THEMES services
  • New: Updated UI design of admin dashboard
  • New: Integrated Toolset plugin With Elementor
  • New: Integrated Toolset plugin with WPBakery
  • New: Integrated Toolset plugin with Post Type builder
  • New: AMP Compatibltiy
  • New: Woosa Bigbuggy plugin compatibiltiy
  • New: Woosa Vidaxl plugin compatibiltiy
  • New: Elementor 3.12.1 Compatibiltiy
  • New: Improved performance by reducing php execution time related to woocommerce
  • New: Placeholder to the featured image widget of Post Type builder
  • New: Placeholder image for portfolio type ( 5 layout )
  • New: Placeholder to the member post type
  • New: Preview Settings for the Archive Builder and Single Builder with WPBakery
  • New: Google map api key description for Elementor widget
  • New: Google map api key description for WPBakery widget
  • New: Description for the metabox of event post type
  • New: Description for the metabox of member taxonomy
  • New: Description for the Post Type builder
  • New: Description for the Single builder
  • New: Description for the Archive builder
  • New: Envato purchase code input function to forum
  • New: Built-in email notification function in Forum
  • New: Private content function to forum
  • New: Attacment function to forum
  • New: Description for creative grid in Posts grid widget


  • Updated: Forum Site
  • Updated: Layout image of theme options for Better User Experience
  • Updated: Layout image of the Post or portfolio or taxonomy metabox for better user experience
  • Updated: Product type & layout image of the metabox for better user experience
  • Updated: OpenAI engine style with Bigbuggy plugin
  • Updated: Single Product Builder Wishlist for Elementor
  • Updated: WPBakery Single Product Builder Wishlist
  • Updated: Elementor Single Prodcut Builder Meta Widget
  • Updated: Single Prodcut Builder Meta Widget for WPBakery Page Builder
  • Updated: Single Builder Image widget for Elementor
  • Updated: Single Builder Image widget for WPBakery
  • Updated: Redux admin menu and button style
  • Updated: Increased max value of categories count in gutenberg widget
  • Updated: Demo order on Setup Wizard
  • Updated: Inline mode of meta widget in Elementor single product builder
  • Updated: Inline mode of meta widget in WPBakery single product builder
  • Updated: Porto Landing
  • Updated: Removed options related to single post layout on soft mode
  • Updated: Removed options related to single portfolio layout on soft mode
  • Updated: Deprecated importable Visual Composer or Gutenberg demos
  • Updated: To be reloaded when content type is changed in type builder
  • Updated: Single Product Tabs Widget
  • Updated: Shop Builder Count Widget
  • Updated: Builder to be reloaded when single preview type and archive preview type are changed
  • Updated: Description for display condition


  • Fixed: Issue with OpenAI engine appearing on the edit page of different post types
  • Fixed: Issue with import not working in demos with custom sidebar
  • Fixed: Issue which type builder style is broken after importing demo
  • Fixed: Issue which 'show plus icon' does not work properly for different post types of portfolio
  • Fixed: Many issues with complexity resolution between theme option and archive builder pagination (load more, infinite scroll)
  • Fixed: Issue which pagination style options of posts grid widget do not work in Elementor preview
  • Fixed: Issue which pagination options of posts grid widget do not work in WPBakery frontend editor
  • Fixed: Issue which the pagination style does not work properly in the archive posts grid widget on elementor preview
  • Fixed: Issue which compare does not work properly in Post Type builder
  • Fixed: Issue that pagination does not work properly in terms of new custom post type
  • Fixed: do not work well taxonomy filter on custom post type taxonomy page
  • Fixed: Issue displayed as PHP_EOL included in nothing found message in archive builder
  • Fixed: Issue which the default value was not properly stored in the countdown widget
  • Fixed: Issue which two dropdown arrows were displayed in the sidebar menu
  • Fixed: Issue which there is no widget in the sidebar
  • Fixed: Issue which menu location is not saved in polyang plugin
  • Fixed: Issue which template builder type is not copied when wpml is duplicated
  • Fixed: Issue which header contact woocommerce style was broken in starter design
  • Fixed: Issue which the required option did not work properly in the live option panel
  • Fixed: issue which woocommerce admin block is not displayed after optimization
  • Fixed: issue which Hide empty product attribute option does not work in porto products filter widget
  • Fixed: Issue which elementor google map does not work in frontend
  • Fixed: Issue which wpbakery xxl breakpoint does not work properly when width>1278px or higher
  • Fixed: Woocommerce translation issue
  • Fixed: Issue which css is not loaded when css print method is internal
  • Fixed: Issue which 1px line is visible by intro background in sidebar horizontal columns menu
  • Fixed: Ajax modal issue which multiple recent portfolios widgets are used within a page
  • Fixed: Issue with incorrect svg width in gutenberg editor
  • Fixed: Issue which count per page widget is not working in WPBakery Page Builder
  • Fixed: Issue which width value is not properly stored in type builder widgets
  • Fixed: Mobile processing between offcanvas and right sidebar
  • Fixed: Issue on mobile between Filter toggle and right sidebar
  • Fixed: Search style issue in mobile menu when using reveal search
  • Fixed: Issue which ajax on modal does not work when creating a portfolio page with a single builder
  • Fixed: Issue about width option in type builder

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