Reply To: Purchase Code Invalid


      Appreciate your prompt action.

      the previous developer has installed a plugin that prevents updates, and I think thats why you saw that the theme doesn’t need an update since it hides all update notifications.

      once my website has had issues, and I couldn’t find a developer to sort me out, I decided to take things in my own hands.

      when i setup a staging site, i deactivated the “no update” plugin, I can see that a number of plugins require updates.

      After running through the updates, the website started going from bad to worse. After spending time educating myself and trying and failing, I came to the conclusion that the one plugin (Elementor Pro) and the theme I couldn’t update and subsequently the outdated woocommerce templates that showed to be outdated. This is how I ended up here, hoping that if I can get the help to update the theme, I believe it will subsequently update the woocomerce templates and take me one step further to fixing my website, if not resolve the issue entirely.

      would you prefer to stage and deactivate the plugin “no updates” and see the situation or would you like me to just do it to the live site and you login and asses the situation?

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