Reply To: Demo 46 Shop Filters

Aizaz Awan

      Hello, @fuhcologne,

      Thanks for the detailed explanation with screenshots to understand your issue.

      The thing is you are configuring the filters from the right place (Appearance >> Widgets >> Woo Category Sidebar.)

      For the categories filter you can use the “Products categories widget”
      For the attributes, you can use the “Filter Product by attributes”

      This will allow you to show the filter content on the sidebar.

      However, the style on every demo is changed using custom CSS code. As you are aware the filter widgets in the widgets area don’t provide style options. In each demo of our theme, we added some custom CSS code to design the content. Just like this, you can configure the design using CSS code in the PORTO >> Theme Options >> Skins >> Custom CSS.

      Best Regards,
      PThemes Team.

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