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      Hi aizaz,

      I tried the plugins and i have mutiple plugins where i get the error 500.
      * classic editor
      * flexible checkoutfields
      * variation swatched for woocommerce
      * social slider feed
      * under construction

      All these plugins give an error 500 when enabled.
      I have aanother website where i use the same plugins with porto theme also (social slider feed & under construction plugins aren’t used on the website, the other 3 plugins work perfect over there…)
      I also had/have problems with widgets (get mutiple errors when i open widgets, installen classic widgets and i don’t see the errors anymore, but can’t edit widgets like before…

      I also had mutiple problems when installing plugins (won’t install, when installed, error message that it’s not installed (but is installed & activated)

      So i’m having mutiple problems but i’m not that good & familiar with databases & coding so i hope you can help me…
      I’ll provide logins in private area…

      Thank you for your time & kind regards,
      Joris (gga-shop)

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