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      I’ve had another issue come up and I’m not sure what to do. I have a product that needs 149 variations of color. I added 149 attributes and they are in the proper order. When I went to generate variations based on the color attributes, the button to automatically generate variations only does 50 variations at a time. So the first 50 variations were generated and I clicked the button again to generate the next batch of 50 variations, and then again one last time for the final 49 variations. The problem with that is now the last 49 variations are first on the list, and the first batch of variations are last on the list: 101-149, 51-100, 1-50. Each variation is numbered (ex: #8605) and they are numbered in the proper order but still out of order. To make matters worse, this is over 10 pages so even if I wanted to manually sort them (which would be a crazy amount of work), I can’t because there is no way to drag a variation from one page to another. There is no pagination box in the Screen Options to get all the variations on one page.

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