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    Aizaz Awan

        Hello, @everyone,

        Product tabs play a crucial role in organizing information on your WooCommerce single product pages. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of changing the position of product tabs, including custom tabs and global tabs, to suit your preferences.

        1. Understanding Custom Tabs and Global Tabs

        a. Custom Tabs: These tabs are specific to individual products and allow you to add unique information or details. You can create custom tabs by navigating to “Dashboard” >> “Products” >> “Edit” >> “Custom Tabs” section. Any content added here will only appear on the selected product:

        b. Global Tabs: On the other hand, global tabs contain information that is displayed on all product pages. You can access the global tabs by going to “Dashboard” >> “Porto” >> “Theme Options” >> “WooCommerce” >> “Single Product” >> “Product Tabs.” Content added here will be displayed on every product page: &

        2. Adjusting Tab Positioning

        Tabs are aligned based on their priority, which you can adjust to change their position. The default priorities for some tabs are as follows:

        • Description: 10
        • Additional Information: 20
        • Reviews: 30
        • Default Global Tab: 60

        You can change these priorities to rearrange the tabs. Lower priority values will make the tab appear earlier, while higher values will place it later.

        To adjust the priority for custom tabs:

        a. Navigate to the tab content section below the tab settings in the product editing screen.
        b. Locate the priority option and set it to the desired value.
        Please refer to this screenshot:

        To adjust the priority for global tabs:

        a. Navigate to Dashboard” >> “Porto” >> “Theme Options” >> “WooCommerce” >> “Single Product” >> “Product Tabs.”
        b. Locate the priority options in the same section and modify them accordingly.
        Please refer to this screenshot:

        Let’s see this by an example:
        Here I have set a minimum priority to show it in the first place:

        By following these steps, you can easily customize the positioning of product tabs on your WooCommerce single product pages. Whether you want to highlight specific information or prioritize certain details, adjusting tab positioning gives you the flexibility to tailor your product pages to meet your requirements.

        Default Tabs:

        We hope this helps.

        Aizaz from PThemes.

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