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    Aizaz Awan

        Hello, @everyone,

        Sometimes the icons on the site do not appear fine there are several reasons for this kind of issue. I have listed down all the necessary steps to resolve it.

        1- Cache Issue, once please contact your service provider and ask them to flush the server cache completely and then try to check the site by clearing the browser cache.

        2- Plugin Conflict: Please try to disable all the third-party plugins on your site except Theme Required/Recommended plugins, and check your site after clearing the browser cache, there might be any additional/extra third-party plugins conflicting on your site and creating that issue. If this will resolve your issue then again you have to activate all the third-party plugins one by one check which one is creating the issue on your site and try to reach out to the Plugin Author for further help on this.

        3- Out-Dated Theme: Please once make sure that you are using the latest version of the theme on the site, If not you can update the theme by simply following this article: https://www.portotheme.com/wordpress/porto/documentation/update-theme/ once the theme update simply update the theme core plugin PORTO Functionality from the Appearance >> Install Plugins and then check the issue again after clearing the browser cache.

        4- Out-Dated Fonts Library: Sometimes the server might use the out-dated fonts library to resolve this simply navigate to the Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add new >> install and activate the https://wordpress.org/plugins/font-awesome/ plugin and then check back to your issue it will be resolved.

        We hope this helps.

        Best Regards,
        PThemes Team.

      Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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