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    Aizaz Awan

        Hello, @everyone,

        Toggle menus provide a seamless way to navigate websites, offering users quick access to different sections without cluttering the interface. In this article, we’ll explore how to manage and customize toggle menus using the powerful features of the Porto theme.

        ~Changing the Toggle Menu Title:

        One of the key features of the Porto theme is its flexibility in customizing toggle menu titles. To change the title for the toggle menu, follow these simple steps:

        Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
        Go to Porto >> Theme Options >> Menu.
        Here, you’ll find options to customize the toggle menu title. Simply enter text to set the desired title.
        Please refer to this screenshot:

        ~Styling the Toggle Menu:

        Porto empowers you to style the toggle menu effortlessly, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your website’s design aesthetic. Here’s how you can customize its appearance:

        While editing your header layout, select the toggle menu element.
        Use the styling options provided to adjust colors, fonts, padding, and more.
        Please refer to this screenshot:

        ~Managing Toggle Menu Content:

        By default, the toggle menu displays the menu selected as “Main Menu” under the Display Location settings in Appearance >> Menu. Here’s how to manage the content displayed in the toggle menu:

        Navigate to Appearance >> Menu in your WordPress dashboard.
        Ensure that the desired menu is selected as the “Main Menu” under Display Location. If you want to display a different menu, simply set the display location for that menu to “Main Menu.”
        Please refer to this screenshot:

        ~Translating the Toggle Menu Title:

        In the Porto theme, the toggle menu title is a custom static title. To translate it into different languages, follow these steps:

        Access your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Porto >> Theme Options >> Menu.
        Locate the option for the toggle menu title.
        Update the title text to the desired language or translation.
        Please refer to this screenshot:

        With these steps, you’ll have full control over your toggle menu’s title, style, and content, allowing you to create a seamless and intuitive navigation experience for your website visitors. Harness the power of the Porto theme to elevate your website’s user experience and make navigation a breeze.

        We hope this information helps.

        Aizaz from PThemes.

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