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    Aizaz Awan

        Hello, @everyone.

        I would like to provide you with a detailed explanation regarding the functionality of our theme’s breadcrumbs in conjunction with the YOAST breadcrumb plugin. In this version of the theme, we have made the decision to ensure that our breadcrumbs are consistently visible, which may impact the flexibility of certain theme breadcrumb options when the YOAST breadcrumb plugin is active.

        Should you choose to continue using the YOAST breadcrumb functionality, it will be necessary to override the page header template by implementing a child theme. It’s important to identify the specific type of page header your website employs before proceeding with customization. To determine the page header type in use, you can utilize your browser’s inspection tool, where you will find it immediately following the header tag, as demonstrated in this image:


        For the purpose of this explanation, let’s assume your site employs page header type 6. Here are the steps to enact the necessary customizations within a child theme:

        Step 1: Create a Child Theme

        Construct a child theme mirroring the structure of the presently utilized page header template.

        Step 2: Copy Page Header Files

        Locate the page header files within the “page header” folder in the main directory of the parent theme, as depicted here:


        Simply duplicate the “page header” folder into your child theme directory.

        Step 3: Edit Page Header File

        As an example using page header type 6, open the respective file within your child theme and initiate the necessary edits.

        Within this file, insert the yoast_breadcrumbs() function where the porto_breadcrumb() function is called. For a clearer understanding, please consult this image:


        By meticulously following the aforementioned steps, you can expect the successful resolution of your issue while maintaining the functionality of the YOAST breadcrumb plugin.

        Aizaz from PThemes.

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