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      Pest control occupies a large volume in the industry. I have purchased and used themes related to this industry before. One of them has a very nice design, but its infrastructure is terrible and its users are constantly having problems because it is never updated. I saw that companies with good infrastructure do not do a good job in this regard, it would be great if this sector was demoed, especially in the Porto theme, which I enjoy using. I have received 5-6 licenses so far and I would not hesitate to get one for this sector as well.

      Must-have features

      Pest Category: In this feature, all information such as pest types and characteristics, diseases and poisoning hazards can be shared. Insect pictures and names can be found on the page, and other information can be accessed when the page content is entered. It will be very useful for you to create a menu called Pest Types in the administration panel menu and add it from there.

      Service Request: A form and service request can be made for a pest control service call. Service areas such as “workplace, home, factory, warehouse” can be added to the service area and a service request application can be made by providing the date, day and square meter information of the application area. In the management letter, customer feedback can be provided by evaluating incoming service requests. It would be fine as an appointment call.

      Sectoral theme design: A design structure specific to the pharmaceutical industry and its fully mobile-friendly operation will yield very successful results.

      If you have a demo design for this sector, there will be a serious demand. Because I don’t see a high level structure on this subject. Porto, on the other hand, is a very strong structure that I love to use, and if this feature is present in this structure, I can definitely buy licenses again and again and find the opportunity to market to my customers.

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