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        Pest control occupies a large volume in the industry. I have purchased and used themes related to this industry before. One of them has a very nice design, but its infrastructure is terrible and its users are constantly having problems because it is never updated. I saw that companies with good infrastructure do not do a good job in this regard, it would be great if this sector was demoed, especially in the Porto theme, which I enjoy using. I have received 5-6 licenses so far and I would not hesitate to get one for this sector as well.

        Must-have features

        Pest Category: In this feature, all information such as pest types and characteristics, diseases and poisoning hazards can be shared. Insect pictures and names can be found on the page, and other information can be accessed when the page content is entered. It will be very useful for you to create a menu called Pest Types in the administration panel menu and add it from there.

        Service Request: A form and service request can be made for a pest control service call. Service areas such as “workplace, home, factory, warehouse” can be added to the service area and a service request application can be made by providing the date, day and square meter information of the application area. In the management letter, customer feedback can be provided by evaluating incoming service requests. It would be fine as an appointment call.

        Sectoral theme design: A design structure specific to the pharmaceutical industry and its fully mobile-friendly operation will yield very successful results.

        If you have a demo design for this sector, there will be a serious demand. Because I don’t see a high level structure on this subject. Porto, on the other hand, is a very strong structure that I love to use, and if this feature is present in this structure, I can definitely buy licenses again and again and find the opportunity to market to my customers.


            Some theme demos have a Services Post Type.
            We have been asked to develop a website with 2 core service: Domestic and Commercial (for an electrical company).
            Initially we were going to use a theme that has a Services post type, but I don’t see a way this would work with Dom and Com. So we will have to just do is as pages with Parent and Child.

            Not sure even how it could be done, but if a Service could have multiple parents, and then children beneath it.



                Please enable us to use P and DIV tags in the Porto Info Box, as often they are just little icons like Help, View, Info etc. Not something a H* tag would be always relevant to at all.


                    Hi! I’d like to request addition of a category dropdown filter feature in the Porto Post Grid widget: Basically, right now, when you toggle to allow a category filter in a Porto post grid element in WP Bakery, it displays categories in an inline horizontal list. It’s ajax – so when you click, the posts below will auto-filter without reloading the page.

                    However, we have a lot of categories, and it makes it wrap around in an awkwardly long inline horizontal list.

                    We would prefer a dropdown filter, but with ajax still, so the page does not reload or take me to a category archive page (which is what the standard wordpress category element will do).

                    Hopefully this is something you can add soon!



                        Please update the mobile menu animation to reflect what is being done these days. The animation is jittery, probably from having JavaScript animate the position. All you need to do is have JavaScript add or remove class, and use transform: translate on the class the gets added. Also, it’s behind the time to not have the three lines become an x when the menu is open.

                        Edward Rivas

                            Please consider the location of the RESET/RESET ALL buttons, make it a 2 step with a drop down so we dont accidentally hit any of those two when confirming a change. Any web designer with lots of work on several themes can make a mistake, that sort of button should not be that easily mistaken.

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                            Edward Rivas

                                One other thing: make possible on another update to add a second row of thumbnails under the main photo, from a marketer’s point of view that would be a big plus in such a power packed theme like Porto. It is quite hard to notice the super small arrows, many viewers might be misled into thinking there are no more photos. Also the plus sign in the main photo might mean add instead of expand. There is an expand icon we all know.

                                Soporte Edein

                                    For the Woocommerce Product Archive Pages:

                                    <b>The option to select when to diplay the product variations as a single products.</b>

                                    We like the way Porto shows Products on Grid Archive Pages with the minus/plus buttons, show title, description, lazy load, etc.. The problem it’s that the variable products can’t be put on cart from that pages since they not have the ‘Add to cart’ button cause user need to select the variation he likes.

                                    We try a lot of plugins and methods to treat each product variation as as single product and show on the product archives, they works, but Porto fails to render in a proper way (brokes lazyloading, don’t attach the minus/plus buttons, only load the first row of items.. etc).


                                        I have a site with Porto, in the shopping cart, for example, if I add by mistake 3 quantities to buy, when I go to “CART”, if I want to modify the quantity of the order, either to add or reduce it, it does not update the information, it does not update the values of subtotal, quantity, much less the grand total, the “Cart” stays with the initial amount, and definitely, this is a problem.
                                        The only way that was suggested to me was to activate the coupon box, from the Woocommerce setting, which, if I don’t offer coupons, seems to me out of place.
                                        In the forum, they suggested me to apply a Javascript function from the skin of the theme option, which effectively solved the problem, so I suggest that you include this function as an update of the theme, and thus avoid these inconveniences to your users, in addition, you will save time answering queries and solving this type of errors.

                                        The effective solution proposed to me is:
                                        “To change the quantity, the price automatically update on the cart page. You can copy and paste the Below code. to the Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options >> Skin >> JavaScript Code >>JS Code before body. See Screen Shot for better reference :

                                        var timeout;
                                        jQuery( function( $ ) {
                                        $(‘.woocommerce’).on(‘change’, ‘input.qty’, function(){
                                        if ( timeout !== undefined ) {
                                        clearTimeout( timeout );
                                        timeout = setTimeout(function() {
                                        }, 1000 ); // 1 second delay, half a second (500) seems comfortable too
                                        } );

                                        This worked perfectly for me, I suggest you include this update function in your themes.
                                        Thank you.


                                            Please, make your theme compatible with recaptcha or any captcha/anti spam system in your forms: registration, login, rest password, etc. Thank you.


                                                Just wondering if you have or are planning the following look on the product page. I would like to make a product page for this , but I can’t find a similar one in the system that looks like this one. Is it expected that there will be a similar design in the future ?

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                                                Abdul Rashid Tokhai

                                                    1. Porto does not have a testimonial element with a scroll function for Elementor. Major Drawback.
                                                    Although, there are some premade testimonials coded somehow to display scroll.
                                                    Please add a testimonial element with a scroll function for Elementor and other builders.
                                                    2. Please add ready-made demos websites with all pages as offered by other themes in the market.
                                                    3. Many good blocks are available inside Porto theme, but they are coded, which limits their use. All such functions should be added through added proper elements like other functions.


                                                        Hi there,

                                                        On our website

                                                        The homepage slider is not responsive which is very annoying.

                                                        I asked the assistant to support but what he did?

                                                        He made it in 2 versions which are mobile and desktop.

                                                        Now, the header tagging of H1 has been duplicated.

                                                        because you will only have 1 H1 on one page.

                                                        Requesting to slider revolution on the homepage and make it responsive to both mobile and desktop.

                                                        That will make since to resolve this issue.

                                                        This field is Private Content.


                                                            Good day. Please add Viber to the list of social networks of the them Porto. Thank you.


                                                                I recently had an issue with my team working on PORTO, that resulted in 4 hours of work being lost. It’s nobody’s fault, but I would like to make a feature request that will help others avoid this.

                                                                What had happened was there was two of us working in admin at same time on various things.

                                                                – Person 1 had porto theme options opened but wasn’t using it.
                                                                – Person 2 was doing various work across website, and adding tons of custom CSS via porto theme options > skin > custom CSS.
                                                                – Person 1 then hours later decided they were going to add custom CSS to the same area, added their CSS, and saved.

                                                                Basically since person 1 had porto theme options opened for hours, their screen had the old settings / old custom CSS. So when they finally decided to add custom CSS and save, since they hadn’t refreshed the page in hours, it overwrote all of the custom CSS of person 2. Suffice to say, person 2 (me) had to redo 4 hours worth of custom CSS and settings work.

                                                                So I have a proposal for a feature request that would help everyone avoid this. Within WordPress you know how if one person is working on a page or post, and a second person tries to edit it, it will give a message saying “X person is working on this page. Would you like to: TAKE OVER | PREVIEW | GO BACK” (or something like that. Would it be possible to implement that functionality into the porto theme options to avoid overwrites?

                                                                Thanks for listening and keep up the great work!

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