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    I’d like to suggest to add the option, on the Theme Settings, to have all carrousel tabs of the mobile version closed by default on the single product page. Seeing as sometimes the product description can be quite long, on the mobile version the visitor has to scroll through the description to be shown the related products, for instance.


        Hi Team.

        I wanted to submit a feature request for the mega menu’s (if this can’t already be done already, i’ve tried everything).

        At the moment it seems like the mega menus are available on first level menu items (allows you to choose, wide, columns etc), However I have a few clients who want to have a mega menu as a sub menu.
        So something like:

        Level 1 Menu
        Level 2 Menu ———-> Mega menu
        Level 2 Menu
        Level 3 Menu

        I did a mock up version in photoshop of the enhancement to further illustrate the point.



            I was directed by support to add feature requests here:

            Since Visual Composer is being phased out from Porto theme, it is imperative to keep supporting existing customers.

            One way is to fix a specific version of VC for all the users to install and not update it afterwards. Porto theme must keep on supporting that particular version of VC so that existing users can update porto theme and use VC at the same time.

            This way you will not have to worry about VC breaking something with the new update because ONE specific version is easy to handle. Maybe you can upgrade that specific version of VC once a year also.

            If you don’t to this, it will affect a lot of VC users like myself who put our trust in Porto theme and all of sudden we got to know that VC will not be supported by Porto altogether.

            Please consider this request and implement it. Thanks

            Moéana Coralie

                Hi, your system of popup builder is fine, but can it be possible to have a popup displayed once a day per session. Currently the popup shows all the time on every page load. It’s too much. Thank you


                    In accordions, the first item is always open (collapsed). It would be cool if there was an option so that you can choose whether to have it open or closed. This is mentioned by many people in Porto’s Themeforest comments. Cheers!



                        please update the “life search” feature in Porto. It has one major flaw: It returns search results for “hidden” products as well. There are reasons why products are set to be hidden from search and catalog, but your “life search” feature circumvents this measure.

                        I suggest you add a checkbox to the Life Search settings where hidden products can be enabled or disabled. Additionally, add a field where categories can be listed that should be excluded from search.

                        We use WooCommerce to integrate with different marketplaces, and not every product is available on every marketplace. For example, we have product bundles that we ONLY sell on Amazon, but not in our WooCommerce store. These products are set to be “hidden”, but your Life Search circumvents the setting and lists these products in search results. That’s not good.

                        I also believe you shouldn’t handle this as “feature request”. Fixing this issue is more “debugging” than adding a new feature.


                            I would like to enable shortcodes to work in the porto info box’s title or subtitle fields for them to be dynamic fields instead of the current static state. Functionality should be the same as the “description” field.

                            I am trying to have the user name dynamically populate if it exists for their account icon.


                                Hello, I was advised by Aizan Awan to post here (see below from Aizan), so i now request you to implement the GPT 4.0 as a feature of your plugin.

                                “Hello, @deliciousbuds, Really sorry for the inconvenience, but text-davinci-003 is deprecated by openAI. And if you would like to implement the GPT 4.0 into the theme, then we kindly suggest you to please write it as a feature request on our forum here: so that our dev team will check and note it down for the future upcoming updates of the theme. Thanks for your understanding. Best Regards, PThemes Team.

                                I am not sure why you are providing text-davinci-003 in your plugin when it no longer works..
                                Anyway, I request that this be looked at as soon as possible as it is a feature i use daily and can no longer. Regards Nicole Delicious Buds



                                    we would like to show best-selling products using porto post grid element.

                                    on the front page, all products lists are made with porto post grid, except the last one. there we need to show best selling products, using the same style as the others. on porto post grid element we can choose a template, while in Porto best selling products element, are availiable only some premade styles.


                                        Hi Team,

                                        A feature request I would like to see is the ability to control the speed on the marquee text. It moves VERY slowly on mobile and would love to control how fast or how slow the marquee text moves in relation to the length of the text inserted into the marquee placeholder.

                                        Kind Regards



                                            Would you consider adding “Cross Sells” as an option for the “Linked Products” Elementor element?
                                            You already have “related” and “upsells”, “cros sells” would be a good addition to allow for a facility to show “You may also be interested in…” products.

                                            Within porto-functionality/builders/elements/products/elementor/linked.php, adding the below at line 164 will provide the option within Elementor:

                                            ‘crossell’ => esc_html__( ‘Cross Sell Products’, ‘porto-functionality’ ),

                                            Within porto-functionality/shortcodes/templates/porto_posts_grid.php, adding the below at line 321 will complete the rendering:

                                            } elseif ( ‘crossell’ == $linked_product ) { // Cros sell products
                                            $product_ids = $product->get_cross_sell_ids();

                                            Thank you!



                                                I found that there is no time counter for pop-ups “Like appear once at every 2 hours and the first time”

                                                I think Dark/light theme should be user preference, If there is a option for last-users to select theme in the demos “Shop 36 for example” could you please inform me?

                                                If you consider these two feature on the next update, I think it will have a good effect for feedbacks.

                                                Best Regards


                                                    I’m here to propose a few things I’ve often come across, small details that, in my opinion, could enhance the experience with Porto.

                                                    1.The possibility of adding any other social media icon by uploading its image. (For example, for a restaurant, adding TripAdvisor could be beneficial.)
                                                    2.Refreshing the mobile menu button a bit; it would be more up-to-date if, once opened, it transformed into an ‘X,’ and the submenu arrows could change orientation when the menu is open.
                                                    3.There are some issues with translations. For instance, in the Italian language, “Home” is translated from the theme language file as “Casa,” but in Italian, we still say “Home,” and to resolve this, Loco Translate must be installed. It’s a minor inconvenience, but it’s only for this specific case.

                                                    Thank you very much for everything else, as Porto has become a standard for me when creating websites, and the support is exceptional; I have certainly learned some things thanks to your help, things not related to Porto that helped me a lot also in other scenario.

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                                                        Porto is the most amazing theme i bought it every time ! BUT it will be great to ad in social link option the possibility to ad a custom one and choose the icon, cause how to ad the Google link of Mybusiness for exemple or another one ?? Thx to think about it for us, our client have this needed

                                                        Mike van Hoenselaar

                                                            I was redirected here by support to do feature requests. Here we go.

                                                            1) There is a 360 degree function in Porto. It has a JS error, but my request is that I would like the possibility to add hotspots to images including links. So while dragging you see hotspots appearing or disappearing. check out this on, this one is AMAZING, it has hotspots ON the 360 image. Love to see this in Porto!

                                                            1.1) I also would like a way to use the 360 view as default. You now need to hover the main gallery image to see an icon and click it. I like to have a way to make this the default image on single product pages.

                                                            1.2) If 1.1 is possible I would like a way that if you hover on a product on category archive pages and there is a 360 degree view uploaded, that it would show and rotate automatically. Now it is only possible that it takes the second gallery image that is uploaded on hover.

                                                            2) I like to have a hotspot Gutenberg functionality, it now only supports WP Bakery and Elementor. Hotpots can increase interaction and thus conversions. There is no easy way to include those now on WooCommerce products.

                                                            3) We wanted to add slides to the gallery dynamically, but there are not available hooks in Porto. Use case example: Based on in which categories a product is in, we like to include an extra slide. It can be done really simple. File: single-product/product-image.php and single-product/product-thumbnails.php. On line 11 there is $attachment_ids = $product->get_gallery_image_ids(); New code: $attachment_ids = apply_filters(‘porto_gallery_ids’, $product->get_gallery_image_ids();, $product); That’s it.

                                                            4) Blocks made in the Template Builder are not available in Porto Studio and as a Gutenberg Block. Elementor has Global Blocks function, I would like the same, accessible in Porto Studio. And include a Gutenberg Porto Block as well. Where you can select the block.

                                                            5) We now made this from scratch, but I would like a way to have a custom block or banner per archive category page as an interactive banner. You only have a way to have one static banner image on all archive pages. This way you can push better sales/discounts

                                                            6) On product archive pages you can tell show products, subcategories or both. There is no way to see show products BUT show the subcategories below the title and content. Especially for larger websites this is ideal. We don’t want subcategories in the main loop. I hope I make sense.

                                                            7) The Header Builder via Customizer is deprecated. We dont use Elementor or WP Bakery, because of the speed. But creating a proper Header via de Header Builder in the Template Builder is very very hard. There is no sync option as well. I like to have a support article on how to properly create a header for Gutenberg.

                                                            8) We tried to work with the Popup function. There is no way to tell, or I am looking in the wrong place, that it can only be shown once in a session, or after a couple of seconds, or after visiting a couple of pages. I expected my request would be here: This is a mayor feature if added. So we don’t need to use other third party popup services anymore.

                                                            9) More templates in Porto Studio for Gutenberg, we only have 19. I feel that if you don’t use Elementor or WP Bakery a LOT less is possible. I hope Porto will help in creating more templates where we can choose from.

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