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        Porto WP Now Meets Your Feature Requests


            I want to use this AMP plugin to optimize the speed of my website.
            AMP-By AMP Project Contributors
            I want the Porto theme to be AMP plugin tested and ensure its compatibility.

            Sarah Close

                I was directed by support to add feature requests here:

                1) Please expand the capabilities of WPBakery to match what Gutenberg can do within your theme’s template builders. For example, only Gutenberg has blocks with single post elements such as Title and Excerpt. They’re not accessible via WPBakery, yet WPBakery functionality is often the reason people purchase this theme. It’s very frustrating to have to go back and forth between page builders to access different things.

                2) Please improve your documentation to outline very clearly which page builders can and cannot be used for certain things.

                3) Please add the ability to set a featured image as a row background in WPBakery when building a single post template.

                Roman Bgtu

                    Please add [porto_products] shortcode in Full Site Editing (Soft Mode)


                        I like dark themes too much but I need it for elementor page builder, I hope to get it in the next update


                            Please add a product listing by tag, as it already exists with categories, sku, etc. Thank you


                                Recently Elementor has introduced new update that enabled Flex Containers instead of the common row and columns. This enhances the performance of the page by far.

                                However, there is one small issue. In Porto, using “section”, we could “use as” carousel and then create custom carousel containers which was very handy.

                                With the new update now, there is no longer option to do that. I tested this out, existing sections that were used as carousel, when converted to containers, they no longer have the carousel features and only become static boxes.

                                There is also no other carousel widget that let us dynamically create combination of text and images for each panel. I hope something gets done with this as this was really a handy way for me to showcase little features of my products.

                                Video for Explabnation:



                                    can we create product sections using product tags?

                                    ex: i want to have 50 product with tag “demand” and i would bring it to a section as “Hi Demand’. Because i have used ‘wood mart’ theme and they have that option where we can add sections and link the products by tag. but i could not find such option in porto.

                                    Please advise.


                                    Aizaz Awan

                                        Hello, @fazihuzzamaanrasheed,

                                        Thanks for the time to write the request here.

                                        You can use the “Porto Post Grid” element on your site, and choose the “content source” as “Terms” and also “Taxonomy” as “Product Tags” please refer to this screenshot: it will help you in achieving your desired result.

                                        Kind Regards,
                                        pThemes Team.


                                            Thank you so much for the reply. will try that out for sure.


                                                Every update resets my language file including child theme. I am using Turkish language and to be honest the translation is a disgrace for this reason I am using loco translate for change it. I placed my config in a special folder but I need to delete all other language file after all update again and again and again and again.. Very frustrating.. Please think about this.

                                                Fischer Ischell

                                                    Hello ! My request is as follows: I have been using the ECHO Knowledge Base plugin for a long time with the PORTO theme and everything worked perfectly. The problem is that this plugin gives a template that contains a menu that allows to navigate through topics. This menu is no longer displayed from versions of PORTO greater than 6.4.0.
                                                    Could you restore compatibility with this plugin please?
                                                    Thank you so much !

                                                    Fischer Ischell

                                                        Pictures of the problem

                                                        You must be logged in to view attached files.

                                                            I have a suggestion for your Elementor Portfolio Widget. This Category filter part of the widget needs to be more flexible so that it can be moved around a bit within the section, like moved to a different column and then styled as an unordered list. This would make the widget much more flexible. The same with any other control that uses filtering links.

                                                            As the control works now, it’s very limiting for layouts or a long list of categories.

                                                            Thank you!


                                                                Dear Gm,

                                                                Love to use Porto Theme and I will explain one of point need future support,

                                                                Porto Band Theme need development for having social links. Which is right now on the theme there is Facebook, instagram, twitter etc. but there is not, Spotify-Soundcloud which is biggest important for musicians.

                                                                Also they are having inviting from other countries for performing. And specially in Europe – take that sample case- each country using their own ticket provider. So showing our ticket need to have additional website backlinks on theme.

                                                                I think this two subject will improve and bring right point who is trying to use Band Theme on Porto.


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