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      I recently had an issue with my team working on PORTO, that resulted in 4 hours of work being lost. It’s nobody’s fault, but I would like to make a feature request that will help others avoid this.

      What had happened was there was two of us working in admin at same time on various things.

      – Person 1 had porto theme options opened but wasn’t using it.
      – Person 2 was doing various work across website, and adding tons of custom CSS via porto theme options > skin > custom CSS.
      – Person 1 then hours later decided they were going to add custom CSS to the same area, added their CSS, and saved.

      Basically since person 1 had porto theme options opened for hours, their screen had the old settings / old custom CSS. So when they finally decided to add custom CSS and save, since they hadn’t refreshed the page in hours, it overwrote all of the custom CSS of person 2. Suffice to say, person 2 (me) had to redo 4 hours worth of custom CSS and settings work.

      So I have a proposal for a feature request that would help everyone avoid this. Within WordPress you know how if one person is working on a page or post, and a second person tries to edit it, it will give a message saying “X person is working on this page. Would you like to: TAKE OVER | PREVIEW | GO BACK” (or something like that. Would it be possible to implement that functionality into the porto theme options to avoid overwrites?

      Thanks for listening and keep up the great work!

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