Reply To: Feature Request



      please update the “life search” feature in Porto. It has one major flaw: It returns search results for “hidden” products as well. There are reasons why products are set to be hidden from search and catalog, but your “life search” feature circumvents this measure.

      I suggest you add a checkbox to the Life Search settings where hidden products can be enabled or disabled. Additionally, add a field where categories can be listed that should be excluded from search.

      We use WooCommerce to integrate with different marketplaces, and not every product is available on every marketplace. For example, we have product bundles that we ONLY sell on Amazon, but not in our WooCommerce store. These products are set to be “hidden”, but your Life Search circumvents the setting and lists these products in search results. That’s not good.

      I also believe you shouldn’t handle this as “feature request”. Fixing this issue is more “debugging” than adding a new feature.