Reply To: Feature Request


      Hello, I was advised by Aizan Awan to post here (see below from Aizan), so i now request you to implement the GPT 4.0 as a feature of your plugin.

      “Hello, @deliciousbuds, Really sorry for the inconvenience, but text-davinci-003 is deprecated by openAI. And if you would like to implement the GPT 4.0 into the theme, then we kindly suggest you to please write it as a feature request on our forum here: so that our dev team will check and note it down for the future upcoming updates of the theme. Thanks for your understanding. Best Regards, PThemes Team.

      I am not sure why you are providing text-davinci-003 in your plugin when it no longer works..
      Anyway, I request that this be looked at as soon as possible as it is a feature i use daily and can no longer. Regards Nicole Delicious Buds