Reply To: Feature Request


      I’m here to propose a few things I’ve often come across, small details that, in my opinion, could enhance the experience with Porto.

      1.The possibility of adding any other social media icon by uploading its image. (For example, for a restaurant, adding TripAdvisor could be beneficial.)
      2.Refreshing the mobile menu button a bit; it would be more up-to-date if, once opened, it transformed into an ‘X,’ and the submenu arrows could change orientation when the menu is open.
      3.There are some issues with translations. For instance, in the Italian language, “Home” is translated from the theme language file as “Casa,” but in Italian, we still say “Home,” and to resolve this, Loco Translate must be installed. It’s a minor inconvenience, but it’s only for this specific case.

      Thank you very much for everything else, as Porto has become a standard for me when creating websites, and the support is exceptional; I have certainly learned some things thanks to your help, things not related to Porto that helped me a lot also in other scenario.

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