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Mike van Hoenselaar

      I was redirected here by support to do feature requests. Here we go.

      1) There is a 360 degree function in Porto. It has a JS error, but my request is that I would like the possibility to add hotspots to images including links. So while dragging you see hotspots appearing or disappearing. check out this on, this one is AMAZING, it has hotspots ON the 360 image. Love to see this in Porto!

      1.1) I also would like a way to use the 360 view as default. You now need to hover the main gallery image to see an icon and click it. I like to have a way to make this the default image on single product pages.

      1.2) If 1.1 is possible I would like a way that if you hover on a product on category archive pages and there is a 360 degree view uploaded, that it would show and rotate automatically. Now it is only possible that it takes the second gallery image that is uploaded on hover.

      2) I like to have a hotspot Gutenberg functionality, it now only supports WP Bakery and Elementor. Hotpots can increase interaction and thus conversions. There is no easy way to include those now on WooCommerce products.

      3) We wanted to add slides to the gallery dynamically, but there are not available hooks in Porto. Use case example: Based on in which categories a product is in, we like to include an extra slide. It can be done really simple. File: single-product/product-image.php and single-product/product-thumbnails.php. On line 11 there is $attachment_ids = $product->get_gallery_image_ids(); New code: $attachment_ids = apply_filters(‘porto_gallery_ids’, $product->get_gallery_image_ids();, $product); That’s it.

      4) Blocks made in the Template Builder are not available in Porto Studio and as a Gutenberg Block. Elementor has Global Blocks function, I would like the same, accessible in Porto Studio. And include a Gutenberg Porto Block as well. Where you can select the block.

      5) We now made this from scratch, but I would like a way to have a custom block or banner per archive category page as an interactive banner. You only have a way to have one static banner image on all archive pages. This way you can push better sales/discounts

      6) On product archive pages you can tell show products, subcategories or both. There is no way to see show products BUT show the subcategories below the title and content. Especially for larger websites this is ideal. We don’t want subcategories in the main loop. I hope I make sense.

      7) The Header Builder via Customizer is deprecated. We dont use Elementor or WP Bakery, because of the speed. But creating a proper Header via de Header Builder in the Template Builder is very very hard. There is no sync option as well. I like to have a support article on how to properly create a header for Gutenberg.

      8) We tried to work with the Popup function. There is no way to tell, or I am looking in the wrong place, that it can only be shown once in a session, or after a couple of seconds, or after visiting a couple of pages. I expected my request would be here: This is a mayor feature if added. So we don’t need to use other third party popup services anymore.

      9) More templates in Porto Studio for Gutenberg, we only have 19. I feel that if you don’t use Elementor or WP Bakery a LOT less is possible. I hope Porto will help in creating more templates where we can choose from.

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