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        Good Day.

        We installed the Cleaning Services demo to use as a base for our website re-design.
        On the services page, is there an easy way to make the content area wider (obviously desktop only)?

        I have tried in Porto Options to increase the Container Max-Width – no luck.
        I have tried to change the site layout mode to Fluid, but then the homepage layout messes up.
        I have tried within the Porto Builder to Wrap As Container – tried both boxes and fluid, no change.

        Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

        Thanking You!!

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        Aizaz Awan

            Hello, @antongschaffer,

            Thanks for the explanation. The thing is if you try to set/change the theme settings it will apply to the entire site. But as you stated you want to change the container for only 1 page and for desktop only. For this, you can use custom CSS code.

            To address this issue, please follow these steps:

            Navigate to the Dashboard.
            Proceed to “Porto.”
            Access “Theme options.”
            Select “Skins.”
            Choose “Custom CSS.”

            Paste the provided code at the bottom of the black box.

            Save the settings.

            To view the changes on your site, clear your browser cache and revisit your website.

            @media(min-width:1320px){.single-event .container{max-width:1300px !important;}}

            Note: In the above code the word 1300 is the width you can change it with the size you want.

            Best Regards,
            PThemes Team.


                Thank you as alwyas!!! Your support rocks!!

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