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    Lodrigo Jan


        I’m excited to try out this theme though I’m new to shortcodes.
        I need help and assistance on how to create pages using certain shortcodes, like the porto FAQ.
        Once I add the porto FAQ on a new page, then what? That’s where im lost LOL.
        I apologize for being a newbie but I had to ask instead of wasting my time surfing the net and getting nowhere, even Youtube. Any instructions or videos would be very helpful since I’m a visual learner.

        Thank you for your patience!

        Kolin John

            Hello, @lodrigo,

            That Porto FAQ shortcode shows the FAQs you created on your site, If you did not create the FAQs yet on your site, then please navigate to the Porto >> Theme Options >> FAQ and turn it on from there: and then you have to create the FAQ’s on your site: and like that it will show those FAQ’s on your site where you use the Porto FAQ shortcode.

            Regards, P-THEMES.

          Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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