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Porto Version 6.11 Updated!

Get ready for new prebuilt sites, a new plugin, UX improvements and much more.

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New plugin by P-Themes

AI Review Summary Plugin

Boost Shopping Experience

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Use this plugin with Porto

The AI Product Review Summary Plugin is a powerful tool designed to assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions without the need for extensive research.

Look Shop 45 with summaried reviews

This feature has been already introduced in Amazon Marketplace. New plugin is the #1 AI Review Summary Plugin on WooCommerce Industry.

More Details:

Amazon using generative AI to summarize customer reviews

New Shop PreBuilts

Shop 45 and 46

We have used best-experience product types and developed new style of demos. Modern designs with the latest technology.

Check the new shop 45 and shop 46 prebuilts sites now!

Image Tooltip for Theme Options & WPBakery

Improve UX for Theme Option and WPBakery

Porto has lots of options, updated well-visualized, encouraged good understanding.

Image Tooltip fo Theme Options
Image Tootip for WPBakery Options

Update Patcher

We provided detailed information for patcher issues
Add changelog to Patcher

Update Post Type(loop) Builder, Menu Editor and Header Builder

We have updated menu editor to easily edit mega menus and simple menus. Also Post Loop Builder is trends of WordPress, So We updated and improved big experience of Type Builder.

Template Type Builder
Update Appearance/Menu

Restore Studio Blocks

Added 380+ legacy blocks Customer Request

Porto Studio is a large online library of Sections and Element, Effect designs ready to be inserted to page by using Elementor & WPBakery.

New Features


  • Updated: Post Type(Loop) Builder.
  • Updated: Menu Editor for improving UI, UX.
  • Updated: Compatibility with WooCommerce 8.1.1
  • Updated: WooCommerce Templates.
  • Updated: Compatibility with WooCommerce gutenberg block style.
  • Updated: Type Builder with new interfaces and description.
  • Updated: Type Builder Content Widget.
  • Updated: Type Builder Featured Image Widget.
  • Updated: Type Builder Woo Stock Widget for gutenberg preview.
  • Updated: Type Builder Woo Price Widget for gutenberg preview.
  • Updated: Type Builder Woo Rating Widget for gutenberg preview align issue.
  • Updated: Only options without depdency are searched in the Redux theme option panel.
  • Updated: Header Builder.
  • Updated: The video is displayed by default in the loop for the video post type.
  • Updated: overlay_bg_opacity to 80 as default of Porto Modal Widget.
  • Updated: Font Awesome Icons 6.
    If you face any problems, You should change custom css from 'font-family: Font Awesome 5 Free' to 'font-family: var(--fa-style-family-classic)'.
  • Updated: The cart icon of Porto icons.
  • Updated: Font Awesome 6 to WPBakery Icons.
  • Updated: Theme Option depdendency for header builder and header presets.
  • Updated: ccols-xl updated to have the same width as bootstrap xl
  • Updated: Responsive control of Products Filter widget.
  • Updated: All footer logos of demos for importing successfuly.
  • Removed: H1 tag of Logo.
  • Removed: Blog, shop page to avoid confusing in Display condition.


  • Fixed: Issue which flex-auto and flex-1 column widths change when changing columns in WPBakery header builder.
  • Fixed: Sku search function.
  • Fixed: Issue which zoom effect does not work in Porto Modal Widget.
  • Fixed: Validation issue of $_POST.
  • Fixed: Product attributes are not displayed if they do not exist.
  • Fixed: Gzencode of Patcher content for cloudflare.
  • Fixed: Issue which the sidebar toggle is not displayed in the right sidebar.
  • Fixed: Issue which typewriter word type animation does not work properly.
  • Fixed: Menu type of header preset default value.
  • Fixed: Issue which page title and subtitle are not displayed in some cases.
  • Fixed: Studio Library displaying issue on Laptop Screen.
  • Fixed: Issue which the Shop 42 products filter does not work because the product attribute is not imported.
  • Fixed: PHP 8.1 issue.
  • Fixed: Issue which menu type does not work for Sidebar menu widget.
  • Fixed: Issue which there is no distinction between menu types and basic settings of the main menu.
  • Fixed: Issue which depdendency does not work properly in Live Option Panel (Customize Preview).
  • Fixed: The flex-wrap function of Porto Section widget to work in Gutenberg preview.
  • Fixed: Issue which the search toggle form is not displayed when converting to grid/list toggle on the shop page.

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