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6 Essential Considerations Before Choosing a Best WooCommerce Theme

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6 Essential Considerations Before Choosing a Best WooCommerce Theme

Best woocommerce theme

Choosing the right WordPress WooCommerce theme is crucial for your website as it gives your content an attractive appeal, keeps them responsive across the devices and minimizes the loading time of your site. Since the availability of a wide number of WordPress themes in the market, sometimes it becomes difficult to finalize a theme which will suit the requirements of your site. If you are looking for the best WooCommerce theme for your site, then buy Porto. It is a business WooCommerce theme which contains an abundance of elements and features which will help you to configure everything you want in your site.

Let me explain what you should consider before buying a WooCommerce theme and its subsequent customization for your site.

Make a list of the features you want for your site

While choosing a theme, you should know which features you want for your site and which are not. Here you can take help of the word press feature filter option to look for free themes based on your requirements’. Keeping in mind the design of your site, you can choose certain features like flexible header option, being translation ready etc.

It is good to keep things at a minimum level. You should choose only those features which help you to achieve your business goal, not those unnecessary ones which will clutter your site and will create an impact on the loading time of the site.

Do not buy a theme with bloated codes

The themes with bloated codes result in slow loading time of your site. They might seem attractive in the first place but they can severely impact your site performance. Resist your temptation of installing every feature you find cool and attractive. Moreover, they also involve security issues. They are created just to accomplish a certain function, but they are never optimized from the point of view.

Always go for a responsive theme

Being responsive is the order of the day. Creating your website in a responsible manner will help your user to easily navigate the features. Your website should be easily accessible to all devices including laptop, desktop and mobile, and tablet. Try to incorporate features which can easily work on both desktop and non-desktop designs. You must pick up a theme of your choice, but if you find it less responsive then you can always customize it.

The power of color

You should not forget that online marketing is all about visual imagination and colors play an important role in it. For example, if you are creating a logo, you must make use of color a lot. A proper combination of color will make it more appealing. Statistics reveal that visitors like sites which are light colored compared to dark ones. Never use a theme font which is difficult to read. Keep your fonts simple and elegant.

Premium theme vs. free themes

You should consider buying a premium theme if you look for advanced features. They incorporate rich features and they are constantly updated. The coding is not up to the mark in free themes and the features are not updated infrequent intervals. There is also lack of support if your site faces any problem while using a free theme. Also, free theme limits your customization ability. This helps you maintain uniqueness in the market.

Test a theme before installing it on your site

You should check the functionality of your theme before making your site public. This includes rereading of all your content, checking how is your site looks in mobile and keep a track on the loading time of your site before you can take help of theme check plug-in to see if your theme matches up all the standards defined by WordPress.

Why Porto?

You must maintain a site which your users can navigate easily. If you want a responsive WooCommerce theme which will serve all your business purpose, then rely on Porto. It is constantly updated to feature the entire current trend in the market. It is fast and completely mobile friendly and supports numerous plug-ins. Join our league of thousands of customers and reaps a rich business fortune.

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