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    Lodrigo Jan


        We are just building a new staging site and are nearly ready to go live, the site as a mega menu for categories, the mega menu isn’t working on a mobile.
        How do I fix this?

        Best Regards.



            Thanks for contacting us.

            Alright, Let me explain to you how it works and the possible ways to fix it.

            1- Why, is this happening on mobile? The thing is mega menu has columns and columns based on the 2nd sub-menu items see the image: then the rest of the sub-menu items you want to show in these columns you will add like this: so on the desktop the menu will be open on hover but as you know mobile devices don’t have the hover functionality which is why on mobile the column sub-menu item appears and then it will show the rest of the menu items its default functionality. I hope you understand.

            2- First, Actually the thing is the requirement you want is not possible with the theme options. But it can be possible if you create 2 menus and assign the location of both menu the same see image: then both menu shows at the same time on desktop and mobile. Then you need to hide 1 menu from the desktop and 1 from mobile. for this you need to pick the class/ID of the menu how can you do that see the image: this way you be able to pick the class/ID of the menu.

            Simply copy the class/ID and then add the CSS code for “Display:none”

            This is the only possible way if you are not able to add your custom code in the Appearance >> Theme Options >> Skins >> Custom CSS by using the class/ID then you can find the way from google or any other website you want.

            I hope you understand.

            3- Secondly, Once you create different menus and assign the location of the menus different from the Appearance >> Menus you can simply choose the menus from the theme options >> menus >> mobile menu >> the menu you want to show on mobile see the image:

            4- Further, if you want anything else, then you can proceed to create a feature request on our forum here: so that our development team will notice it and remember it while working on the theme update. I hope you understand.

            That’s all.
            Have a nice day.

          Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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