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        Hi, theme has been very good and it’s been well worth of money.

        Here is one development proposal for product swatch mode.
        Currently it defines mode for all products, which creates a major problem in usability.
        As an example in my store there are products with some 10 to 50 color options and for those color swatch works very well. Then I have products with couple hundred size options and for those Label, Image / Color swatch mode looks horrible and user experience is just terrible. For those select box would work much better.

        Solution for this would be to enable swatch mode at a product level and use site level selection as default if product level mode is not specified.

        Rgds, Mika

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        Aizaz Awan

            Hello, @mika,

            Thank you for your feedback and understanding.

            Currently, within our theme, there is no built-in feature or option to customize the display of variations for specific products or individual attributes. Implementing such changes would require additional customization, which falls outside the scope of our support policy. You can review our support policy for more details by visiting this link:

            However, if you believe that this feature would be beneficial and would like to see it incorporated into our theme in the future, we encourage you to submit it as a feature request on our forum. This way, our development department can take note of your request and consider it for inclusion in future theme updates. You can submit your feature request by visiting the following link:

            Your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us, and we appreciate your engagement in helping us improve our theme.
            If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

            Best Regards,
            PThemes Team.

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