Effects in Porto Heading

Effects in Porto Heading

Porto 6.6.0 updates Porto Heading by adding two effects – Hover Image Floating and Highlight Animation.

What is Hover Image Floating?

This effect is to show the floating image on the inside of the text and hide on the outside.


Floating Image: Select the hover floating image.

Floating Offset: Control the offset of image hover position. This value is horizontal and vertical offset. Unit is px.

Image Hover Floating of WPBakery Heading
Image Hover Floating of Elementor Ultimate Heading

What is Highlight Animation

With this option, you can make some text conspicuously. For this effect, the main heading should have the HTML Mark Text element.

Highlight Effect


Background Type: Control the background of highlight. Classic or gradient.

Height: Control the height of the highlight.

Vertical(Horizontal) Position: Control the position of the heighlight background.

Highlight of WPBakery Heading
Highlight of Elementor Ultimate Heading

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