Elements List

Elements List

You can check the most of the Porto elements in Elements site.
If you want to know how to use them, you can import elements together when importing demo.

Here are some elements which are used for special Porto demos.

1. Porto One Page Category

This element displays a navigation of product categories on the left and the products by category on the right.
Please check Porto Shop 19 to see how it works.

  • Show Products: If you uncheck this option, only category lists will be displayed on the left side of the page and products will not be displayed. If you click category in the list, it will redirect to that page.
  • Ajax load: If you check this option, it will show products of different category one by one using ajax infinite load when you scroll the page
  • Products View mode: Carousel or Grid mode

2. Porto Products filter

This element displays a list of select boxes to filter producs by category, price or attributes.
Please check Gift Finder section in Porto Shop 30 to see how it works. If you click Filter button, it will redirect to the shop page which displays filtered products.

  • Filter Areas: check filtering options (Category, Price and Attributes)
  • Price Range: input price ranges to be displayed in select box such as 0-10, 10-100.

3. Porto 360 Degree Image Viewer

This element displays 360 degree image viewer.
Please check Tour section in Porto Shop 18 to see how it works.

  • Source Image: Source Image which has frame images of 360 degree. Each frame image displays image in one specific degree.
  • Preview Image: First Preview image. In general this is the first frame image in source image
  • Frame Count: frame count
  • Friction: friction variable which describes changes degree when dragging image

4. Porto Section Scroll

This element displays scrollable sections and dots navigation.
Please check Porto Portfolio 5 to see how it works.

  • Show Dots Navgigation: if you check this option, dots navigation will be displayed
  • Section Selectors: jQuery selectors to select sections to be scrolled
  • Section Titles: section titles separated by comma which will be displayed in dots navigation

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